Monday 1 September 2014

Film: 'Lucy'

Further to my blog of yesterday in which I told of the situation of my computer workability being precarious, well it still remains so though I've managed to find a 'sticking-plaster' solution. How long it will hold remains to be seen. Truth is, I badly need a new computer but current financial conditions make that impossible - or even finding just a professional short-term solution. So as long as this position persists, please don't be surprised if I 'disappear' without notice. If I can see it coming I'll do my best to give due warning, though as we all know, things seem to go down rather suddenly.

'Lucy' is a strange film, not without some merit, though it does seem to fall in love with itself in the final parts.

The increasingly impressive Scarlett Johansson (whom I actively disliked when I first noticed her in 'Lost in Translation' - not any more) plays a reluctant drug mule for a Japanese criminal gang forced into the role in Tokyo by an exploitative acquaintance. She displays her initial vulnerability convincingly well, but when the bag sewn into her abdomen bursts (she is the only female of four similar mules) the effects of the drug (actually used in small doses in pregnancies) affects her brain and gives her superhuman powers, including telekinesis, telepathy and even, eventually, physical metamorphosis. Meantime, Morgan Freeman, whose screen appearances have become a watchword for 'wisdom', keeps popping up in the midst of giving a lecture on the effects of humans using more than the usual capacity of their cerebral powers - currently about 20%, we're told. The effects of the drugs on Johansson become more spectacular as the percentage grows on its way to an ultimate goal of utilising 100% of the brain's potential.

It's a pretty violent film with some grisly scenes. I think too much effort was given into putting a scientific rationale into what was happening to Johannson. Of course with such a fantastical story it needs at least the bare bones of explanation, but I think it got bogged down in its own theorising. It might have worked better if they'd trusted the audience to just go along with it 'for the ride' rather than keep giving stodgy little sermons.
As for the final scenes, director Luc Besson, who has made a fair number of watchable films in his long career, many of which are in the more 'popular' vein, looks as though he was trying to show how clever he can be with his tricksy cinematic effects, which are, it must be said, not at all bad - and with more than one nod to Stanley Kubrick - though, frankly, I could have done without a certain 'Creation of Adam' moment.

I found 'Lucy' a bit better than merely passable entertainment, though far from being exceptional.......5.5.


  1. I would only give this a 3. I saw it on sunday and thought it was bad. We only paid half price. other than in the avengers I don't like any films she is in. her voice and the way she holds her head grates on me

    1. I think there was a better film in there than came out, Sol. It had potential but got blinded by its own
      S.J. used to irritate me too but not so much now. Now that you've mentioned the carriage of her head I'm going to be looking for that every time I see her now, which is frequently. Did you see 'Under the Skin' from earlier this year, with her as an alien? A much better film - MUCH better.

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    1. Still inching forward, Sol. Not there yet, but thanks for asking. Doctor's appointment early tomorrow morning so let's wait for his diagnosis.

  3. Ugh! I'm in the same situation with my computer, although it's not acting up as much as yours currently. It's old, out-of-date, and it should be replaced. I keep fantasizing someone will give me one as a "Secret Santa" gift!

  4. Mitch, computer problem is coming to a head now as I can't access bank account due to notice in centre of screen 'Firefox needs to close' visibly blocking my attempts to insert details and password etc. Looking like the only way out of this is to seek professional help, spending money I haven't got or, even if I had, getting access to it. I'm in a nasty place!

  5. Someone suggested we see this but I was confused, thinking it was a documentary on anthropology.

    1. Oh, very good, Dr Spo. I doubt if you'd find this quite as entertaining as such documentary. However, maybe still worth a try.

  6. Ray,
    I never got the whole Scarlett Johansson "thing" ("Lost in Translation" also turned me off to her). I read the synopsis of movies that she's in like "Her" (a talking computer, really?) and now this "Lucy" (couldn't they have picked a different female name other than the one that reminds us of the old "Lucy" show)? And she's the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN (twice yet) in the world? Who is she blowing? Looks like yet another Scarlett movie I will be skipping.
    I hope you computer problem improves. There are a lot of us out here in the blogosphere who would miss Raybeard and his insightful reviews and opinions. You're one of the good ones Ray!

    1. Thanks for your last para above Ron. I'm humbled to think my meagre blog offerings are appreciated in the way you say. Thanks ever so much.

      Computer is back on the road again - since about 3 hours ago. But for how long before it goes down again? It's so old (and I'm still using Wondows XP) that I think it's only on borrowed time. But, for now it's back in operating order so I'll make the most of it.

      You comment above re 'Lucy' and SJ made me chuckle. I'm also hearing that she's the 'most beautiful woman in the world'. I just sigh and pass on. But her acting reputation has really taken off now in a big way. She must be one of the actresses commanding the highest fees, if not THE most. I find her tolerable enough, her initial irritating qualities now largely dispelled.
      In 'Her' SJ's voice was substituted for that of the wonderful Sally Hawkins after the film had been otherwise completed, so the actors' reactions had been to Sally H's voice who was actually speaking them on the side of the set. Why did they bother? Heaven knows!

      Got to do more catch-up now, Ron, including your own recent postings. 'Speak' to you there (or here).