Tuesday 9 April 2024

R.I.P. Dearest Patchie, my best friend in the entire world.


He passed away just 24 hours ago, here on my bathroom floor to where he'd hauled himself - a few months before he'd have turned 20. Collapsed kidneys, he was reduced to a fraction of the weight he was just a year ago. Vet had thought he had a chance of surviving so just day before yesterday I'd paid for expensive medication. No regrets.

Moved in with me in 2013, leaving his home 200 yards away, where he'd been co-habiting with 2 dogs. Owners had sent out fliers asking if anyone knew of his whereabouts. When I answered they were relaxed about letting me take him in, getting his microchip transferred.  

Patchie always very affectionate towards me, loving my lap (and purring loudly) - but ever hostile, and probably jealous, towards two others, Bobby and Sloopy (both from unidentified homes, both still here), who also moved in here a few years after his own arrival, he understandably likely regarding them as 'imposters'.

Missing him ever so profoundly, bless his little soul. 💔