Sunday, 26 May 2013

One for the cruciverbalists.

I thought this clue was rather good, from this morning's 'Observer' crossword:-

Two-part book from Henry James, or Edward Lear? (5)

It didn't take me long to solve it but, even so, it comes close to what might be regarded as a 'classic'.
(I'll append the solution to my next blog which, I hope will be on Wednesday after I've attended the showing of a certain film.)


  1. I think what you call "Crosswords" is what we Yanks call "Cryptic Crosswords". I love them.
    Here's one for you - Ointment: use with top off (7)

    1. Don't tell me! Still working on it, though I've already spent much more time thinking than I did on my own posted clue above. I know the direction at which it must be coming from so I really OUGHT to get it. If it dawns on me I'll say so, until then - nada. But I'm usually not a quitter.

      The term 'cryptic crossword' is also used here, Dr Spo, though I think the single 'crossword' may have more generic application in U.K. Some newspapers here just call all such word-grid games 'crosswords'.

    2. Been spending considerable time on your poser, Dr Spo Been looking up my thesaurus (without using a mirror!), which I only do when approaching desperation. I suppose that the solution requires a measure of lateral thinking, otherwise you wouldn't have bothered to post it - and therefore a literal answer such as 'varnish' (the best I can come up with so far) can be dismissed?

    3. The answer is UNCTION - get it?

      Try this one : A snake stopped on pavement.

    4. Aaargh! You've told me! - and I was still working on it. But yes, I do get it - and I really ought to have solved it myself without any help. No excuses.
      I was playing with' words' like (h)atless, (c)apless, (l)idless, and looking up unguents of all descriptions - but yes, 'unction' is good.

      As for your new one - number of letters? The 'snake' is slightly confusing, but only slightly. However, assuming it's pertaining to financial markets I'd guess that the answer is 'curbed'. Do I pass?

    5. The answer is asphalt.

    6. And I'd been congratulating myself on getting the 'curbed' answer within seconds - and therefore didn't think much more about it. If I'd known that the solution was SEVEN letters I wouldn't have let it go so easily - and might even have been working on it even up to now. But I think I may have eventually got it, but who knows?