Friday, 17 May 2013

Eurovision - Second Semi-final

On the whole, more entertaining than the first part, this year may go down as the contest which included an exultation of equal marriage - Finland's entry with a 'bride' enthusiastically chirping "Marry me!", only at the end of the act to clinch it with a full female-on-female kiss. Marvellous! - even though the song itself was nothing special. But it's got through to tomorrow's final.

Any slight regret about the first semi displaying a lack of 'hottie-ness' was dispelled by the Greek entry which also made it to the final -  a group called 'Cosa Nostra', cavorting around in kilts while fool-dancing to a ridiculous, disposable, raucous song, "Alcohol is Free!" . If it wins I'll be a monkey's uncle! Though having said that, I still can't understand how hard-rock act 'Lordy' of Finland, performing in rubber monster suits, won the title a few years ago.
The combined testosterone level of this Greek act (well, from at least three of its members) made up for any lack elsewhere. Very satisfying indeed!

I'm glad I didn't have an inkling of what was in store from Romania's brave entry. One had to hear it to believe it. It's also through - and the song wasn't bad either.

The surprise of the evening for me (as opposed to 'shock' - pleasant or otherwise) came from Norway - a sober song sung by one of several acts consisting of a single lady in a white dress, but a song I found highly appealing. A strong entry to actually listen to without any visual distractions.

But, when it came to declaring oneself, if we Brits had been allowed to vote in this second part, I think I would have cast mine for Malta, with its simple, cheery ditty. Hardly outstanding and unlikely to linger around once the competition is over - but pleasant to listen to and delivered with gentle, radiant optimism.

Okay, now that I've heard all the songs at least once (apart from France, Germany, Italy and Spain, who did not participate in the semis, though I'll correct that omission before tomorrow's final), on second hearing tomorrow night my opinion may well shift. But as at now I think I'd give my overall vote to the Netherlands. If my own vote concurs with the actual result it will be the first time it's happened for decades! Let's see what transpires.


  1. Malta got through? I was amazed. I was born in Malta (but I'm not Maltese) but even I couldn't see any merit to it. I liked Switzerland but that didn't get through. I was interested to read that the Swiss group are all Salvation Army officers (is officers the correct term?) and when they won the Swiss heats they were in uniform. But they had to change their name and ditch the uniforms to comply with Eurovision's strict no politics, no religion rules.
    Sally army to lesbian kisses - I'd say that Eurovision has it all.

    1. I think I posted this incomplete, Craig, and you've made a comment before I finished it. Anyhow, it's all there now - and you can be doubly amazed that I'd have voted for your country of birth. But I liked it.

      My major disappointment for last night also was seeing that Switzerland didn't qualify - though I'd forgotten that they were the 'Sallies' which had been talked about and which, maybe unfairly, rather reduces them in my estimation now (given a number of their religion's stances) - though the song itself was pretty good.

      Yes, this year it was ALL there - and I'm now even more excited about seeing most of the 'best' parts repeated tomorrow night.

  2. Hi Ray - now I see the complete post! Malta wasn't offensive, it just didn't do anything for me. Clearly my opinion wasn't reflected in the voting! I liked Norway too and Romania is going to do very well I think. If you get past the novelty of his voice, it's a decent song with theatrical presentation.
    The surprise for me was Hungary. I usually hate songs like that but it was a sweet little song, as was the Icelandic entry.
    Having lived in France I rather like French music, but like the UK, their entry usually disappoints. This year it's excellent, but very French in style so I'm not sure how well it will do.
    Looking forward to tomorrow night!

    1. No offence take, Craig, not even in the slightest. One person's opinion is no more nor less valid than anyone else's.

      Hungary is another one I'll need to refresh my memory on - which I suppose gives away the impression, or lack of it, it made on me.

      There was a time way back in the 1960s and well into the 70s when France could be guaranteed, more than any other country, to come up with a cracking good song, even if it may not have won at the time. That era is sadly passed - though as yet I haven't heard their entry in full. However, I think its glory days are long since over.

      I think Romania has a good chance, if for no other reason that it stands out so well, in rather the same way as when Israel's transexual Dana International won all those years ago. I wish him well.

      Btw: I had meant to include Azerbaijan in my posting above, but it eluded me. It was another goodie, with the singer's doppelganger encased in that glass cabinet below him. But I thought the song was also pretty good. I agree that Iceland was also better than quite a number of them. In fact this year I think there's more songs in total which I wouldn't mind if winning than for many years past.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, I know you did, J.G. It wasn't exactly BAD, but I thought there were at least a dozen which were better!

  4. Us Yanks still find it unsettling to see Europeans not in cliche and stereotype clothing.

    1. Sorry? By "stereotype clothing" d'you mean national dress? Like we'd expect all Americans to wear chaps, and boots with spurs? And as for the men..... :-)