Sunday 19 May 2013

Eurovsion - The Final

So, Denmark won. Not too disappointed by that though I'd have put it in about 10th place. Her song, 'Only Teardrops', achieved most of its appeal, I imagine, because of its 'hook' on the title words. But I didn't think it was even the best hook - that was surely the plucky Belgian teenager's oomphy  'Love Grows' (finishing a disappointing 12th).

The other top places went (in order) to - Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Norway and Russia - whereas they ought to have been (i.e. my order of preference) - Netherlands (to which I gave my telephone vote), then Hungary, Malta, Belgium and Iceland. Hungary's simple, understated song was the one which really stood out for me on a second listening.

None of the songs I really liked were placed near the bottom. Difficult as it is to be objective about Bonnie Tyler's U.K. entry, 'Believe in Me', it wasn't an especially arresting song, and I think 19th is only a little below where it deserved to finish. Still, it was a six-place improvement on last year's last-but-one result.
Must have been humiliating for Ireland, which has won the contest more than any other country, finishing in last place, though once again it wasn't a particularly memorable song.

Biggest surprise for me was the rowdy, jokey song from Greece finishing as high as 6th - those bearded he-men in skirts doing a knees-up was the sight of the entire event and they had me transfixed.

But the undoubted winner of the night for me was Sweden's staging of possibly the best Eurovision contest I've ever seen - and I can go back a very long way (in fact to b/w TV). They got the balance exactly right between taking it seriously and humorous irreverence - and with more than one oblique reference to the contest's gay fan base (without which I bet the event would long ago have folded) and including a very brief but explicit depiction of a gay wedding, which must have caused considerable tut-tutting (and worse) among some viewers in more conservative societies.

For overall presentation I award Sweden...............douze points


  1. Well staged...
    Good presenter
    Camp but not silly
    Pity Georgia didn't win
    Just watched it on iplayer

    1. Certainly with you on your first three points, J.G. - however, the attraction of the Georgian entry still eludes me even though I've now heard it three times.
      But pleased to read that Eurovision is yet another instance of pointing you out as a 'man of taste'!

  2. I agree Ray, I thought that it was one of the best competitions I've seen for years.
    Your Malta entry was very popular - so much for my taste in music.
    Glad you liked Hungary, I just posted the video on my blog.
    It was a fun evening!

    1. Thanks, Craig. Yes, I was disappointed that Malta didn't finish higher, but that was also the case with half a dozen of those I though significantly better than average.

      I've just written a comment under your own posting. Gotta go. Gatsby awaits!