Tuesday 30 October 2012


(No, not a re-make en francais of the 1952 Gregory Peck/Ava Gardner version of the Ernest Hemingway novel).

Likeable, unassuming, family drama.
Set in Marseilles where local trade union boss at shipyard is made redundant, along with nineteen of his fellow-workers. As the propelling event of the film happens towards its start it doesn't give much away to say that shortly after his redundancy he and his wife become victims (with two visitors) of a somewhat violent masked robbery at their home. Soon, by one of those co-incidences that rather stretches credulity, he just happens to witness a thread that enables him to uncover the identity of one the perpetrators, which turns out to be someone with whom he'd been already acquainted. The main body of the film concerns the couple's attempts to come to terms with the criminal, the latter's family and his motivation - as well as the attitude of the their own children.
     It's a modest affair and all the better for it, though I personally could have done with an ending a bit more hard-edged than the touchy-feely one we are served up with. But, on the whole, it's a satisfying and good production.

   I've seen a few films recently which have featured one or two 'hotties' of whom I wasn't aware or knew only slightly - and here comes along another one. A cuddly 'Daddy-hottie' - who, I find, is actually seven years younger than I am! Never mind, I still find him beautiful. He is Jean-Pierre Daroussin, playing the male lead.

He really presses all the right buttons for me.

Btw: The misleading title refers to the projected holiday which the main pair were due to have but, due to the robbery, have to cancel. A different English title might have been helpful.

As I say, a good film, to which I award a score of......................6.5.


  1. Yes, Daroussin is clearly a 'Daddy-hottie." Several years ago, I saw him in a movie called "Red Lights" and I never forgot this edge-of-your-seat Hitchcock type film or M. Daroussin. "Les Neiges - -" will probably never be distributed here, but perhaps, it will eventually come to DVD. I think I will be at the library this evening checking-out "Red Lights" and being mesmerized by the acting and Jean-Pierre all over again.

    1. Having looked up 'Feux Rouges', Paul, I've not only never seen it but not even heard of it. Pity, not only because of its lead, but because it also sounds like a really good film. One of those 'if-only's, I fear, but I'll certainly look out for further appearances of this Jean-Pierre whom, I'm pleased to read, we mutually admire.

      Btw: I've missed not seeing your comments for some time. I hope it was only because you didn't have anything worthwhile to say (though that itself would have been news!) rather than your having computer trouble again. But good to see you're still there.

  2. Ray, I was unable to comment as I was away for a few weeks. Looking at your previous posts (I'm amazed that there are so many) I can only add a comment to "Ruby Sparks" - the only movie that I've seen from your long list. I have to say that I enjoyed it, but for two wrong reasons: The quirky Paul Dano and the very hot, Chris Messina.

    1. I'm pleased that your non-appearance here was for perfectly 'normal' reasons here, Paul. Hope that if your absence was for reasons of pleasure it gave you as much as you'd hoped.
      I myself am dreading the time, which can't be long away, when I just 'disappear' - well, not because of THAT reason but because this computer, now seven years old, has been getting creaky and increasingly troublesome, and one day soon may just give up the ghost. I really need a completely new one with all the latest capabilities and a large capacity but there's just no way I'm going to be able to afford it for some time yet. So if I just vanish for a prolonged while, that will probably be the reason why.

      Anyway, 'Ruby Sparks' - (I had to look it up again to remind me) So, once again our tastes are in sync - about both the film and Mr Messina. I'll have to refresh my memory on who Paul Dano was but I'm sure it'll come back to me.

      Yes, there's been a more-than-usual frequency here of cinema-going recently but not sure if it'll stay that way in the run-up to Xmas. But already got three planned for next week, including the big French hit 'Untouchable', which you may already have seen, which I'm really looking forward to. Also the new extended re-release of 'The Shining', though that's going to cost me twice as much as the usual price due to when and where it's showing, but I'd really like to see it again on the cinema screen. Whether I'll actually see all three (the third is 'Rust and Bone') is another matter. So, watch this space!

  3. Ray, Do you mean "INtouchables" rather than "UNtouchables?" If so, you are in for a very enjoyable experience. The opening scene will take you for the ride of your life. I saw this one about three months ago and it ranks so high in my list of favorite movies. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

    Please, don't 'vanish.' If you are having computer problems, can't you go to the library and use of of their computers? I have done that a few times and it has always worked out. Looking forward to more postings from you.

  4. Yes, Paul, that is exactly the film I was referring to, giving it the 'official' English title. What you say about it has got me really excited, though knowing my luck, the one-off screening I intend to go to on Thursday morning depends so much on one particular bus arriving to take me there, and knowing my luck......But let's not jump the gun. It's had very good reviews, though some say it's a bit over-sentimental. Until I see it myself I prefer to believe you rather than what others say.

    My attempt to warn of my possible disappearance may have been too severe. If this computer does go down I know I'll do everything I can to find some substitute if I can't actually acquire another one somehow. It's a possibility which is looming over the horizon, though I now can't imagine life without a computer, so that's motivation enough. If it should transpire and there's no alternative I'll certainly see if I can find another way to at least let my blog-readers know what has happened. Meantime, I'm very touched indeed by your concern. Thanks.