Thursday 13 September 2012

The computer problems were NOT over - and still aren't.

My last blog was wrong. - P.C. troubles were nowhere near at an end. Just had another three days of continuous living nightmare, with hopelessly inadequate sleep, and out-of-pocket so far by over £130 to date ($210 Am.) - money which I can ill afford. All in all, a situation not to be wished on anyone who's reading this. And my troubles may still not be over yet.
   Long story which I won't bore you with, but got back on Mon evening after seeing 'Anna Karenina', all primed and ready to write a review (which will now be in my next blog, maybe later today or, possibly, tomorrow) when, sitting down at the computer, found it wouldn't connect to the Internet. The modem (router?) was dead. Then the 'fun' really started. Telephone help from two sources (one of them giving a false diagnosis, making me spend £30 needlessly on a new modem when the present one is now working again!) and a chap (very helpful and sympathetic, though at a price, of course) coming round yesterday. But after he'd done all he could I still had to get some on-line help .
     A remote-control technician started yesterday evening at 7.30 - and didn't finish until 11.05. All that time I was watching the cursor zinging here and there across the screen, interrupted by my being asked questions. Totally exhausted when it was all over, and with no guarantee that it was 'cured', I went to bed, Blackso already there, lying awake, impatient and annoyed at having to wait for me to tuck myself in so that  he could sleep across my arm, using me as an 'electric blanket' while snoring loudly just a few inches from my ear. There was little sleep for self. Up at 5.30. Switched on computer. Well, the major problem seems to be over for now but there are still other ones which are present and niggling, threatening to grow in size. But so far the situation is being contained and I can once again try to get back to a semblance of normality, though don't know how long it will last this time.
    To add to the woes, feeling guilty as hell at not having been able to read the recent postings of my blog-land buddies, which I shall try to remedy very soon. Because of all this ruckus, also missed another film which I so much wanted to see - and there's at least another three (including the latest Woody Allen) which I'd have to see in the next 3 or 4 days to catch them before before they disappear too, all of which costs even more money. But it's got to be done. No two ways about it. Oh dear! What a hard life this is. Never a dull moment - though I now do so crave one!


  1. Thanks, A.M. Now I know what J.C. felt like in the Garden of Gethsemane - or will that remark earn me a fate at the hands of Christian fundamentalists in the manner of the hot-headed mobs in the middle-east currently outraged by anyone who DARES to put a slur on their 'peaceful' religion? (as long as they can say what THEY want!).

  2. Computers can be a pain - and the worst part is that just below the surface, the controls and options are highly complex.

    I had something similar happen a while back and in the end I wiped the machine and reinstalled everything - a long and worrying process. Luckily, having backed up 95% of the data, I was OK in the end.

    1. I only wish there was someone on hand right here to tell me what to do, Stephen.
      Before I got this 'thing', just seven years ago, I'd have classed myself as a Luddite - and am still pretty much an ignoramus about its workings. But once you get one it quickly becomes addictive, and now living without a computer is pretty much unimaginable (though I can envisage living without a TV).
      Luckily you knew what to do to get a back-up - or found out how to do it safely. Wish I could have a similar reassurance.
      However, so far, two days later, the equipment appears to be behaving acceptably, though not all its problems have been resolved.

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  4. Thanks for that link, Sr. I'll add it to my potential help-channels for the NEXT time something goes wrong - and I bet there won't be long to wait.