Friday, 31 August 2012

Recent film release - 'Jackpot'.

On the heels of the recent, very satisfactory, twists-and-turns Norwegian thriller 'Headhunter' comes this entertaining crime caper, also from story-teller Jo Nesbo.
Sporadically funny tale revolves around a football pools syndicate of three ex-criminals at a re-habilitation workshop manufacturing artificial Xmas trees, plus their hapless boss (played by hottie Kyrre Hellum, below, whom I've not seen before) a reluctant participant drawn into deep waters, after their scooping a huge win - and, naturally, their rapidly falling out with each other.
Most of the humour derives from the disposal of bodies, with some very grisly scenes, though they are not lingered over. I've seen a lot worse on screen before - however, it's not for the squeamish.

Good fun and worth a watch, it gets a.......7/10.


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  2. Now I absolutely adored headhunters
    This film, like you said was rather sporadic and was,in my mind a homage to the work of guy richie

    1. Yes, 'Headhunters' was really good, wasn't it, J.G? - Wrong-footing the audience time and again.

      I hadn't thought of Guy Ritchie for 'Jackpot', but you may have a point. Maybe it comes closer in spirit to Danny Boyle's 'Shallow Grave', while not quite carrying that film's adjective of 'remarkable'. Still, a good way to spend an evening - or an afternoon, as I did,