Monday, 15 July 2013


Moderately interesting true-story dramatisation of brief, tempestuous marriage of 'renowned' English painter, A.J. Munnings. (Who? Yes, me neither.)
Set in Cornwall in period just prior to WWI, the emphasis is on the painter's bloated sense of self-worth (mainly in painting women and horses), his put-downs of his wife's artistic efforts and of modern art in general, his philandering, and the doubts of his spouse-to-be regarding him even before the wedding day.
A love-triangle provides the engine for this tale, the 'interloper' being a soldier acquaintance to whom she is more attracted, with tragic results.

Dominic Cooper plays the artist effectively. When he appears in unkempt state he can provide, for me, quite an attractive 'piece of rough', though in this film that aspect of his presence is tempered by his often having a cigarette in his mouth, something I personally always find a put-off.
I didn't know any of the other main actors, though I was familiar with a couple of them in the lesser roles. Emily Browning as the female love interest is excellent. In fact all the acting is of a high order - but special mention must be made of the savagely beautiful Cornish coast. I only wish we could have had an extended scene or two there rather than fleeting shots. Photography was superb. (More than once, it got me thinking of Daphne Du Maurier's precocious masterpiece, 'Rebecca'.)

By no means a bad film, though also nothing to write home about. It might have assisted my appreciation if I'd known of, or even heard of, the artist and his milieu.................................6.


  1. Mr cooper is pretty but oh so bland

    1. Not sure I'd describe him as 'bland', J.G. Ever since we first saw him, as a schoolboy in 'The History Boys', for me he's always had that 'oomph' of personal magnetism. And as he gets older it gets stronger. Maybe it's something one has to tune in to.

  2. I haven't seen this one hit our art house theater yet. Maybe it will in the near future

    1. I can't give it such a strong recommendation as to urge anyone to see it, H.K. But if it comes along to your local 'art-house' and if one wants a couple of hours' worth of reasonable diversion, then by all means I wouldn't put you off from seeing it. But if you happen to be aware of the artist then that's a stronger reason for making the effort.

      Btw: I'm going to have yet another go at conquering WordPress today. I was exasperated beyond measure at being unable to respond to your recent blog on 'Much Ado', as to which I trust you saw my own posting of four weeks ago.