Sunday 14 July 2013

Aaaargh! 'Wordpress' so annoying! Can't make comments on three blogger-pals' posts.

(Written two days later than main post below - Problem now resolved. See my own comment at end.)

This is the fourth consecutive day when I've wrestled with this.
At the moment there are three blogs involved which I studiously follow and like to comment on:-

Spo-Reflections @

Stephen Chapman @

Tai Huu Le's Blog @

All these have 'Wordpress' in common, though I don't know why, up to last week, I could post comments without any further ado. Now, when I try to do the same they just don't register. I can type out a comment and press the 'post comment' key, then it disappears. (I don't have the alternatives of  Twitter or Facebook accounts)

I've tried to register with Wordpress but it seems that some years ago I must have set up an account - and now can't locate the password. Recovering it from WP has been virtually impossible. When I try to register anew it tells me they've already got a 'Raybeard' - and when I indicate that I can't find the password it's not sending notification to my nominated primary e-mail account - or any of them - to allow me to recover the p/w or to process a new one! After a little while all this mucking about gets me locked out of WP for at least half an hour at a time. Frustration is high!  

So, until I can resolve this, I seem unable to communicate with these three through their blogs (though I do have e-mail addresses as a last resort). I'd be interested to know if anyone else who follows any or all of these bloggers has encountered the situation of just recently having to sign in to Wordpress to make a comment. What I can't understand is "why now?" when before it wasn't necessary.

Meantime all I can do is to keep trying - and using up needless computer time. Grrrrrrrrrrr!!! 

Btw: Dr Spo/Stephen/Tai - despite this hiccup I am still reading your blogs! 

Added following day: Oh hell! Now there's another one, a fourth! - - How on earth do I overcome this problem? I've got the need to 'converse'. If I can't I'll burst!



  1. I am relieved to know this is the matter and you have not been abducted by the Jacobites or Tories or whatever constitutes for dastardly doings these days.

    1. I'm also relieved that you've read this, Dr Spo, It's reassuring to know that you're aware of the reason for my apparent silence.
      If I do get abducted by whomever I'll let you know on my return. Hope I'll have enjoyed the experience more than this current inability to add my penn'orth to your own thoughts. and musings.

    2. they all suddenly appeared last week!

    3. Yes, I know. It was when 'Someone' told me that he'd notice my comments had been categorised as 'spam' (oh, the ignominy!) that things fell into place - and I realised with much relief that I didn't have to tear out the remains of my sparse thatch on top. I rejoiced!

  2. Problem could now be solved! The last blogger above, HarpersValley, has found that my comments were being defined as spam on his and on the Spo-Reflections blog. Checking now that same thing has happened with other two, which seems likely. Goody goody!

  3. Yes, the problem is now HISTORY! We're back to normal.

  4. Like you mine is hosted by Blogger. For over a month I couldn't post comments, even on Blogger sites. Then suddenly a few weeks ago all was right with the blogworld once again. Til the next time.