Wednesday 13 November 2013

Film: 'GRAVITY' (in 3D)

If this film were to be judged on visual effects alone it would score as near a 'Perfect 10' as dammit. To call that aspect merely "impressive" would be to do it an injustice.

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock are two astronauts carrying out extra-craft repairs when disaster strikes. From that point onwards the story is simple and ruler-straight linear (which is no bad thing), with the entire focus on how they can survive.

The qualification which made my enjoyment slightly less than some people's is very personal, viz: in any attempt to depict a level of reality in space-located, science fiction films my observations have a tendency to become over-critical. I wish I could just sit back and enjoy the film as an exciting piece of fiction but I do find it difficult to let my cavils go. I won't spell out those occasions (very few in this film, I must admit) when my credulity was over-stretched but it contributed to a sense of detachment, alien to many of the reviews I've read which called it "very absorbing" or similar.

Little else to say, other than that I'm glad I saw it in 3D - and this is probably the most successful use of that format in any film I've seen to date.

In terms of my own personal reaction, and fully aware that some others will certainly consider my opinion as sullenly over-harsh, I would certainly still recommend 'Gravity', with a rating of.............7.


  1. I think this might also be a miss for me. I will wait for DVD I think

    1. Although there is certainly suspense in it, Sol (how WILL they manage to get back to earth alive? - or maybe they won't?) the film really stands up by virtue of the astonishing effects. As you may know, my moan about seeing films only on a TV or computer screen is that it is far removed from the immediacy of a cinematic experience. Without the 3D of this one it will inevitably make it even less thrilling. So, what I'd say is, despite the way you feel, (and my own personal reservations) I'd still recommend that if you get the chance do try to catch it in 3D - and on a BIG screen.

  2. I went to see it on Friday...

    I'd seen a trailer on telly, and hadn't been convinced but had subsequently heard good reviews viz the use of 3D

    I'd concur that it does make good use of the 3D - but must confess I lost interest a bit after the first hour or so. Particularly after a certain scene - although for fear of spoilers I shall not elaborate - you'll have to guess!..

    I was, however, in a minority of 1 in my party of 4 so hey-ho.

    (P.S. I'd have given it a 6 - or a 6.5...)

    1. I'm pretty sure I know the 'event' that you're referring to, Andrew. One where I was saying "Oh, come off it!" - and which was explained in the only possible rational way, to my own relief.

      I think that you and I will be in a general minority in not according this film such high praise as others. But it's only a matter of opinion. I don't think I'd lower my rating any further than the one I've given it, though.

      Btw: It's strange (or maybe not) that so many of the major (and best?) space films, like this one, tend to get made in England - '2001', the 'Alien' and 'Star Wars' series etc.

  3. My daughter really enjoyed it, but I have a problem with heights and vertigo--she told me I should probably see it in 2D! (she saw it in 3D)

    1. I'm one of those people who, when atop a high building or structure, has a disturbing urge to throw myself off - though not for any suicidal reason, I must hastily add - rather it's a feeling that it's only 'right' to re-connect with earth again. (Crazy, eh?) So it was in this film when the globe of earth kept coming into view, it seemed that one 'ought' to be back on the ground.
      I don't know if that chimes in with your own feelings of vertigo but I can assure you that 3D will certainly increase any unease you would have felt even without it. So I'd agree with your daughter. It'll almost certainly still be worthwhile seeing it in 'flat' format. It can in no wise be described as a 'bad' film - ;'cos it's not!