Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Recent film release: 'Killer Joe'

Unlike my previous posting for a film which I wasn't too sure about, no such thoughts here. I can categorise this one easily. I really liked this film, which was a pleasant surprise as I'd gone somewhat apprehensively, following the qualified reviews I'd seen.
William Friedkin has certainly made some landmark films in his long career ('The Exorcist', 'The French Connection', 'Cruising') and though this one is unlikely to lodge as permanently in the memory as some of them it's in no way a mean achievement.
It's the second film in a row I've seen featuring Matthew McConaughey in a lead role, here playing a corrupt cop, scarily unhinged and violent, who's called on to perform a contract killing so that the family can claim inheritance moneys. The whole scheme unravels in suspicions and deceits culminating in a particularly bloody, extended final scene - but on the way the tensions are punctuated by some amusing, deadpan one-liners delivered in sardonic style. The film retained my interest throughout its 100 minutes.
(I could, however, have done without the several scenes featuring a barking dog, leashed up in pouring rain. Even though no harm comes to it, I was all the time prepared to wince and have to look away.)
   So, being one of my infrequent recommendations, I award it...........7.5/10.

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