Monday 12 August 2013

I'm back - with a big "phew!", but also some "oh dear"s.

Computer returned couple of hours ago, but in not quite the improved state for which I'd hoped - and paid.
Won't bore you with all the details, but chappie thought he'd recovered all my missing docs and pics (he'd had it plugged in in his place for 6 hours continuously to transfer all my files), only to find that once again, when he set it up here, he couldn't find them. Eventually could only pinpoint some of them by putting on a 'search', which I can now also do myself - but it'll take ages to copy them one by one into files again.

Hope that I'll now be able to look at all your blogs, including those particular ones which I always had trouble with to open up. Will have to see.

The big 'plus' is that he's now fitted in a CD/DVD player, which had been removed previously. But that's for the future.

Another downer is that for some reason typing this blog is giving trouble. I can't use the cursor to, for example, jump back to correct mis-types, but have to use the arrows. A small nuisance, but it surely shouldn't have been worse than before.

Anyway, what you'll be interested in is some film reviews. Just got the one to do -  'Only God Forgives', which I'll do either later today or tomorrow, when I also hope to be seeing the Alan Partridge film, which ought to cheer me up a lot, if the reviews are anything to go by.

Meanwhile, until I get back to my routine I must just say 'thank you's especially to J.G., Bob S., Sol, Craig, Dr Spo & H.K. for their kind words of concern. Hope I'll be back in running order pretty soon..,


  1. Glad to see you back Ray! Nothing is more infuriating than computer problems which appear with no rhyme or reason. Ugh!

  2. Thanks, Craig. It's a headache to operate now, though must admit the speed at which it finds things is much improved - and NO freezing of the screen, at least so far. Typing the film review I've just done was a pain - and I still can't don't know how to correct typing errors without going through a long rigmarole which I didn't have before. But hopefully in time things will fall into place.

  3. hi sweetie! check out "rambling along"; Kelly posted a pix of some us enjoying a mini-meetup!

  4. I'll do that, A.M. Thanks. May not register a reaction for a while, though, as I'm just about plum tuckered out with all this computer malarkey - which I still haven't got the hang of, as it's doing some mighty strange things. But hope to be back to reading everyone's blogs again tomorrow. See you then!

  5. do you possibly have windows 2010? my curser is all over. you need to down load the proper driver for the mouse/track pad...

    moving on to more nerdy things. maybe if you have a wind fall or you are feeling flush how about a disc station to save all your bits to and use it like a net work. You wont ever lose your pictures again and if one of the hard drives goes on it, you slot a new one in and you can get your pictures back.

    Once a month I make sure everything is saved.

    You could do what I used to do and save to an external hard drive. then if your pc or laptop dies your pictures and documents are safe. Go one step further and keep it in a faraday bag.

    All my most important docs and pics are on 2 hard drives, my sister has one and my parents the other. then if my house gets robbed or there is a fire, I am safe in the knowledge I have copies.

  6. I've got Windows XP, Sol. I don't know if that's good or bad, though at the moment the cursor is behaving - EXCEPT when I write blogs, only to find that I can't use it to go back and correct mistakes, whereas I could do it before, now having to use the up/down arrows. I can live with that, but once a blog is published I'm then unable to edit it, which is annoying if I find spelling mistakes later.
    Also, I can't now reply directly to comments, like this one of yours, but have to make a brand new comment myself.

    I'm afraid that all you say about saving, which I'm sure is true and advisable, means very little to me. I just don't know how to do it. Even when I had a DVD player, like the one I've now had installed, all my attempts to simply record any music failed miserably, so I've never had any success in any downloading attempt. Saving to an'external hard drive' is, I'm afraid, meaningless. There's no one here I could ask help from. The only thing I can do is to ask someone from a firm to come in and show me, which costs yet more money.
    Meanwhile, I'm still trying to categorise the 3,500 pictures which are all lumped together here - but it looks like all my documents have gone, though for all I know they might be somewhere where I haven't looked. It's going to be a headache for some time to come.
    But thanks for your thoughts and advice.

  7. What headaches! And expensive ones! My computer is aging and every time there's a little problem I hold my breath and pray (to whatever) that it won't need to be replaced. Hope things settle down and the cursor starts to cooperate.

  8. One can but hope, Mitch. 'Frustrating' has rarely been such an apt word, especially considering what I could do BEFORE it was taken away to be 'improved'.

  9. if you go to pc world I bet if there was a young person there they would show you how to save to an external hard drive. do you know hoe to copy and paste? if you can do that you can save to a memory stick or a hard drive.

    you tube is your new friend, I bet you can find the instructions on there. Or even the library could help

  10. Goodness me, Sol. All these technicalities are making my head spin! ;-)
    I've never been to PC World (or Computer World or any computer shop). I've heard so much negative publicity about these places that I've always given them a wide berth. I don't want to go in and then, coming out, be nabbed and erroneously be accused of shoplifting!

    I've worked out how to 'copy and paste', though on this 'improved' computer I doubt if it'll work like it did before. As to saving stuff to memory sticks (whatever THEY are) that is something beyond me for now.

    I never look at You Tube either and am wary of it, for no doubt groundless reasons. Perhaps I ought to dip my toe in there. Meanwhile I'll plough on as best I can. Thanks again.

  11. Glad you are back in service; albeit, sounds like, not yet at 100%. Technology is intimidating to me. I like it when I know what to do but otherwise not so much.

  12. It's far from 100%, H.K. - though at least the screen doesn't keep freezing for ages on end as it did before. But set against the problem of having lost ALL my stored docs as well as the majority of my pics it was a big sacrifice. Also, some blogs take a long time to open and settle, some of which didn't do so before - AND it's problematic to do my own blog posts now............Was it all worth it?