Friday 25 May 2012

Eurovision Semi-Final 2 - Another rebuff for my choice of winner

Well, it happened again. Last night I voted for the Netherlands and, like my choice of Israel on the previous round, it failed to make it to the final. What is it with these other viewers?  Don't they have taste! ;-)

The Dutch entry sung by a Joan Franko, very strangely attired in wonderful American Native Indian Chieftain head-dress gave us a cheerful, bouncy number. I think she and her gleeful toy-boy backing group thought that they had it in the bag - as I did. Oh, how wrong we were! Another loss for tomorrow night's entertainment.

What would have been my second choice, the dishy Kurt Colleja here, singing for Malta, did get through - and it's not a bad song either. So at least there's something else to look forward to.

My nomination for the title of  'Campest Act of the Night' goes to Turkey for its act of Can Bonomo, an elfinesque singer with an unlikely backing of macho, cloak-swirling, amazing dancing hottie-bears  They also got through - and with another song that was one of the better ones of last night. Looking forward to another view. Great stuff!

This is a pic of the Israeli act, Izala, my choice but who failed to get through on Tuesday (sigh!). Very interesting photo, don't you think? I want to join them under the sheets.

And finally, in case you didn't know, there are still the Russian grannies who, if they don't win tomorrow night, certainly deserve to be highly placed - though I don't want another country on the far-eastern edge of Europe to win yet again! However, 'Good Luck' to them - but even more luck to our own Brit entry, the 'Hump'!


  1. I understand your frustration as my choices never make it either.

    I had the intention to watch all your choices this morning, but I got hooked on Malta's Kurt Colleja. I' ve been playing his video all morning, with speakers blasting. Later on, I'll watch your other choices. The Russian Grannies? I don't know. I loved Romania's entry last year, and I'm loving it again this year. With so much youthful energy, do you think England's entry, Humperdink, has a chance?

  2. Paul, nearly every time my choice not only fails to win through but doesn't close to it. The last time one of my choices won the final of the contest was 3 years ago with the violin-playing, boyish-featured Norwegian singing about fairy tales (say no more!) - but that was rare.
    I didn't even care for 'Waterloo' when I first heard it winning back in 1974, and I still don't. Abba did far better stuff after they hit fame.
    But tomorrow night when the points are tallied and the eventual winner is announced I'm quite likely to saying "WHAT?" and "WHY?"

    Yes, Engelbert does indeed have a reasonable chance. It's not a bad song (though when did that ever count?) - and he does have a large faithful band of followers on the continent - as well as in America, I believe.

    I seem to remember that I too thought highly of Rumania's entry last year, but will have to refresh my memory.

    Yes, Malteser Colleja is hypnotic to look at, just one of several acts who'll be providing good 'visual 'food' tomorrow night.

    You won't regret looking up the Russian Grannies. They are certainly a phenomenon and a fine unusual choice to represent their country, but after this event I'm not sure I want to see any more of them.

    The current bookies' favourite to win is Sweden, a young lady who sings one of those 'power ballads' but I find it a bit of a bore. I don't want her to win.

    Anyway, truth to tell, I'm all a flutter at the thought of seeing those hairy dancing Turks again.

  3. I love your choices, especially lovely Kurt :-)

    1. Pity that the viewers weren't as interested in him as we were, Cubby. But after all they voted for the SONGS, didn't they? Yeah, right! ;-)