Thursday, 26 January 2012

My first ever 'me-me'

This posting comes about via Jason Shaw's rather excellent blog - - on 25th Jan 2012, and is my initial foray into the world of revealing 'warts-and-all'.

At this stage I'm just going to dip my toe in and play only one of the items he lists viz answering questions he's set about oneself. I may follow up on the rest of it later.

So here we go:-

1. What is your favourite cartoon character?

    Not the most auspicious start. Never been a particular fan of the genre, but I remember rushing home from school to catch a daily 'Popeye' cartoon - though it was his getting out of predicaments with the aid of that spinach that amused me rather than the character itself.

2. Coffee or tea?

    Tea. Could I have PG tips de-caff PLUS some earl grey, please? (A few slices of lemon as well would be perfect.)

3. The best thing you've ever done in your life?

    Running a London Marathon, perhaps, in 1997  - but renouncing the R.C. faith would also be a biggie. Then there's having the courage of moving to Germany, alone (even though it didn't work out).......

4. The worst thing you'll ever admit doing in your life.

    Easy - but painful, so please forgive lack of detail.
By my careless action in one case and my laziness in another, causing the death of the family pet canary and another family pet, a lovely all-white cat. Both happened in my teenage years, about 3 or 4 years apart. Never forgiven myself since - and the experiences have been hanging around like an albatross ever since.

5. How many people will answer the above question honestly?

   Most would, I think - though those who've committed a heinous act and/or crime may understandably not wish to divulge. I was totally honest with my own answer.

6. Is there a god?

   Probably not. But if there is, then he/she/it hasn't made a very good job of 'Creation'. I reckon that I, and most people with even average intelligence, on being given total omnipotence and omniscience could have done a great deal better.

7. Do you like Brussels sprouts?

   Love em! But then I live alone!   ;-)

8. Would you lend me £150?

    I think so, but I'd first need convincing that it was absolutely vital for you (or for anyone else) to have it.  I'd also be telling you (or whomever) what a nuisance it was pulling it out of my funds which are being kept sacrosanctly intact for a particular purpose.

9. Would you lend a politician £150?

   You've got to be kidding! But if said person was also a friend I probably would.

10. Peanut butter or jam (American 'jelly') ?

   Peanut butter. Crunchy, please.

11. What has been the most memorable place you've ever visited?

    So many to choose from, but could well be St Petersburg - or Leningrad, as then was (1974). Only there for 3 days but it's lingered in the mind, moreso than Moskva did.


So there we are. It's been fun, Jase. Thank you. Must do it (or something similar) again sometime!


  1. Fabulous! A bit of a peek into your life! :) I shall have to borrow this meme too!

    1. You really must, T/C. I'm going to examine your self-exposures with a magnifying glass!

  2. Hello Ray:
    We have very much enjoyed these 'revelations'. Even though we only have a 'virtual' knowledge of you, we could have guessed correctly many of your responses, but some things were a complete surprise. We should never have thought you to be a peanut butter person!!

    1. Well, J & L, peanut butter's not exactly a 'craze' with me - I don't think any food is. It's just that given a choice between that and the other, it would win. I generally prefer savoury to sweet.

      I'm sure there'll be further opportunity for more revelations, though wish I could tantalise you with the promise of something extra juicy, but it's not happened yet.
      Thanks for popping by.

  3. You should tag some bloggers in order to spread this meme. (But please don't tag me because I don't like memes LOL)

    1. I know, Tai - but even though there is no actual obligation for other bloggers to respond (if they say "No" then I don't mind.), I do still feel a bit uneasy about pressing them even slightly. Others are not so held back as I am, and that's fine.

      So, if you don't like Memes then I hope you will reveal everything we need to know about you in your blogs - and the signs are good that you are doing just that.

  4. MEMEs are jolly good fun to do, and entertaining to read. There are dozes of them. Have at it!

  5. Yes indeed, Dr Spo, they ARE fun. But sometimes one feels that one's own blog is so self-indulgent anyway (e.g. my own recent ones), to reveal yet more about oneself can sometimes seem like gilding the lily.

  6. Congrats on completing one of these! I find some of the questions so much fun, but I'm always completely stumped on those "best," "worst," "favorite," and "least favorite" questions. I love what I've learned about you. I also love crunchy peanut butter.

  7. Yes, Mitch. Unless there's no other answer possible, an ABSOLUTE best or worst can keep changing with one's mood or even with the day of the week. But seen as a snap-shot they are interesting exercises. However, the reader also ought to be bear in mind that the subject's perspectives may change, and not hold you to the answer you gave for ever and a day.

    And here's to peanut butter so crunchy that it ALMOST breaks one's tooth enamel! Mmmmmm.

  8. From the negative remarks, comments and reactions I’ve had from various people, I do regret putting the post up and tagging people. It’s not something I’ll do again, however it’s been great fun to read your answers and learning a little more about the enigmatic reader from Worthing!

  9. Oh and yes, it has to be crunchy....

  10. Oh dear, Jase. I hadn't really thought it would have given rise to negativities from others. If it was antagonism to the very idea of 'tagging' then all that was needed was a polite refusal, as I hoped I managed to do.
    Still, it was certainly a pleasant diversion for me. I don't intend it to be the last one. Thanks for the opportunity anyway, Jase.