Sunday 4 December 2011

Final 'Five on the Fifth' - Winter Weekend

My contribution to Stephen Chapman's final '5 on the 5th' feature.


On the coach to Brighton (to visit Odeon to see new film 'My Week with Marilyn') using my Senior Citizen FREE bus pass - one of the compensations of getting old.

Brighton promenade - not the best weather to see it in.

Brrrrrr!  Brighton seafront in the Winter drizzle.

Brighton's skeleton of a West Pier, looking even more forlorn than usual.

'Ginger', my newest regular visitor, wants to come in out of the cold. I let him in, but pity that, because my heating''s broken down, it's as cold inside as it is out there. (My previous blog explains.)


  1. Lovely shots of the seafront, no matter the temp! And Ginger looks to be a very pretty kitty!

  2. Really nice to see a visual of your daily life. Loved the first shot of your trip to see "Marilyn."

    I am sorry and disappointed to learn that you still, after such a long time, are without heat. Does your landlord have a conscience and how much longer can you and your loved ones endure this cold?

  3. STILL no heat? How awful. Love the photos of Brighton, because I love Brighton. I can feel the cold and damp! Hope you (and Ginger) get warmed up soon.

  4. Brighton doesn't exactly look like a warm experience to me. Still, brilliant images!


  5. Definitely captures the feeling of a winter afternoon.

  6. Great shots. It looks freezing in Brighton. I suspect Ginger comes by to visit more for your company than anything else.

  7. Howard: Little Ginger is indeed a beauty - but whosoever owns him hasn't (yet?) had him doctored. His very prominent back features show that it's long overdue, but they may well not bother. My own two were both 'done' before they decided to leave their own homes and move in with me.
    Thanks for popping by.

    Paul: As i write this it's now been FOUR whole days without heating. The landlord did eventually come round yesterday afternoon (he'd been laid up in bed with a heavy cold, he says) but, despite his being a fitter/electrician/general handyman himself, he couldn't fix it, though he did stay quite some time banging and taking things to pieces. He says the pump has died and said he'll have to get someone else to have a look at it, probably this afternoon. Hope it is fixed quickly. This ain't no fun at all - just ask my pussies.

  8. Thanks, Mitch: Apart from my own uncomfortable situation, I do so dislike early Winter in ANY year. One just has no idea at all what may be coming over the horizon. Mind you, this Winter so far hasn't been nearly as bad as this time last year, when we'd had significant snow. So, thankful for small mercies!

    Daniel: Yes, Brighton looks as uncomfortable
    weather-wise as it feels. I'd normally have said that it's weather to remain indoors, but in my current situation it hardly makes any difference.
    Thanks for your visit.

    Erik: Thanks to you too for coming by. I was going to give this final '5 on the 5th' a miss, but as Stephen came and wrote on my blog felt I just had to make one last effort so I just photo'd where I happened to be going.

    "Ta" also to you, New Leaf: Ginger actually comes by because he knows I'm a big softie and will give him anything he wants. But he's also usefully greedy in that he'll 'hoover up' the scraps left by my own cats - and he's rapidly getting a tubby tummy to show for it!

  9. POOR, Dr Spo? He's a little spoilt kitty who's got me under his thumb (so to speak) - using this cold situation to jump into my lap within a milli-second of my sitting down. (But I love him for it.)

  10. Great Pictures :) love the one with teh cat

  11. Thanks T. He's on my lap at this very moment. Can you hear his loud purring?