Thursday 8 December 2011

Blessed warmth is back! Oh, praise be!

After my most uncomfortable few days in quite some time, at last my landlord has got my heating back on. He was here for five hours yesterday, hammering here and there, clumping up and down the stairs to fetch this and that, eventually having to replace the pump in the central heating. Maybe not quite there yet as he reckons it will probably take a little while to settle down, but at least it's now warm enough not to have to wear parka, scarf and wooly cap indoors. (In the kitchen I had been reduced to keeping one of the stove hot-plates on just to generate a bit of heat!) My pussies are now far more content as well, probably thinking I turned off the heating deliberately just for 'fun'. Now we can all luxuriate in the cosiness. Thanks so much to those of my blog-followers who expressed their concern. Thank goodness it's over for now.


  1. Hello Ray:
    We are so concerned to read that you have been without heat and have had to wait for such a long time for your landlord to respond. This is unforgiveable, particularly as the weather has been absolutely bitter of late.

    It is good, however, that now you are keeping warm and we do hope that the problem has been fixed permanently. On our recent return to Brighton, our boiler blew up and, although only 4 years old, had to be replaced. It is amazing how much one appreciates warm water and heating when all is restored to normal. Take care!

  2. Hi, J & L. Yes, it was a nasty time for it to happen, though, being thankful for small mercies, at least it wasn't in January! (In Scotland and the extreme north of England it's been particularly severe since a few days ago.)
    You're right - it's another case of taking things for granted, though if this is going to be a particularly bad Winter I feel especially sorry for those, particularly OLD people, who just can't afford to have their heating on at all. The way heating prices have risen astronomically recently it won't be long before heating is turning into a luxury, only for the wealthy!

  3. The heat is on and I am so happy for you and your pussies. Luxuriate in it for now because we know something else is bound to follow.

    I'm feeling cocky today writing this and am confident Blogger will let me post this. For a long period, Blogger blocked me.

  4. Thanks, Paul. After we've been softened up by having heat on demand it's certainly difficult to function without it. So far so good, I'm happy to report,

    I'm surprised to read that you've been blocked as your recent comments have come through this end okay - or maybe you are referring to the long period of up to about a month ago when you just seem to have disappeared for weeks on end and I was really fearing that something had happened to you, there being no means of contacting you to make sure you were fine. But since you 'returned' I feel reassured by your presence at the other end.

  5. I can't believe you were able to tough it out for so many days. So glad the home fires are again burning!

  6. Thank you, Mitch. Yes, it was a tough time. But I actually grew up in a house with no heating at all, except for an occasional coal fire in the living room. I never experienced central heating until my mid-20s, though doing without it indefinitely now seems impossible.

  7. Great news that the heating has now been fixed, I was thinking I might have to cycle over with a calor gas heater on my back, if it stayed out for much longer.

    Oh and I love the last 5 of the year, those lovely photos of Brighton in the damp and yuckky weather, looks perfect to me.

  8. Merci, Jase. Good that the heating came back in time to save you all that trouble. ;-)
    Those Brighton pics (scenes with which you will be over-familiar) were only quickly taken because Stephen C. took the trouble to remind me of what was to be his final '5 on the 5th'. Otherwise I would have sat out of it.
    Must say that whenever I go to B'ton I still feel, in a sense, that I am 'coming home', although, sadly, I've now been in W'thg almost twice as long as I lived in B.

  9. I will do so as best I can, Dr Spo. Thanks - and you too.