Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Dressing that pulls the eyes downwards to the ground.

Day before yesterday I was watching Worthing's annual carnival parade along the sea-front. I was really too far away for the photos to look very meaningful to anyone who wasn't there, so I won't bother showing them - and anyway, it was a very modest affair, being local, after all - and in times of austerity too!
   But I took this photo of the back of a youngish guy in a choice of dress that has always perplexed me - dark top, middle-shade centre and white(ish) shoes - and it's the last of these that jars. When seeing anyone wearing such an arrangement I always find the eyes are dragged downwards too far. I don't mind it when the seat and belly areas are highlighted - in fact it can be dead sexy - but with wearing light shoes as well it does look odd to me. What he needs here with that top and shorts, is dark, preferably, black shoes - and then all our attention would rest on his delectable middle. He was actually so good-looking (possibly Mediterranean or Middle-eastern origins) that I was hoping he'd turn around so I could get a mug-shot but without him seeing what I was doing, but I had to give up waiting. I couldn't even get him in profile, the spoilsport! Oh, and he was with a girl - you can just see her legs standing in front of him.
    But is this the reputed gay fashion-sense coming through? (I'm actually not entirely sure that I've got any). But even when I'm wearing a dark top with jeans (other than black) I can only wear black shoes, otherwise the picture other people see of me looks unbalanced.  Of course if you're wearing black top and black jeans then anything other than black shoes is a big 'no-no'. Even Elton John realises that!


  1. Uh oh, Mr. Blackwell strikes again. I am really going to think twice before I leave the house (well... no I'm not)! :)

  2. Mr Blackwell? It's missed me, Mitch. Have to look it up. I may come back.

  3. Right, got it! (The name hadn't rung any bells but I now know what you're referring to.) Well, of course, the whole thing is subjective, Mitch, but I'd be surprised if the direction which my own eyes follow isn't the same as most peoples'. But you may well say "So what!", and I can't disagree with that sentiment either. As for your own dear self, just wear what you're comfortable with - and say "Bollocks!" to what people think.

    By the way our Summer here seems to be having its final 'Hurrah'. Does your own 'otono' seem to be on its way too?

  4. Well he is rather nice looking from a rear view. But I'm afraid that I'm also guilty of his fashion choice. For me shorts always mean white trainers!
    But I promise I'll make special arrangements if I find myself in Worthing!
    Also, I haven't had the chance to wear shorts this year up here :(

  5. I do have to confess that I may be guilty of such fashion flops, I will often contrast my dark clothes with light footwear. I don't worry too much about it these days, not that many look my way.
    I would chance that my eyes would firmly be placed on that plump and rather enjoyable rear, so much so that I'd probably not even get down as far as his feet! Naughty Jase.

  6. Really, Craig? (Re your last sentence.) That is so sad - and a bit surprising. Maybe you'll get an 'Indian Summer'. Let's hope.

    As a part-time runner (though it gets progressively less as each year passes) I know it's not easy to get dark-coloured trainers, especially if, like me, you're pickiness depends on you getting the right, most comfy, ones for yourself no matter how they look. But if our paths ever do cross, have no fear - the last thing on my mind would be to criticise you for your dress!

  7. Oh Jase, I'm SHOCKED! And I'd been thinking that you were chaste - but, alas, I now might have to change my view.

    On the subject of this blog I think I'm getting into deeper water than I'd intended. I only hope that someone is going to agree with me that light shoes with dark tops look odd. Or maybe it's really only me alone after all.

  8. this look is 'new england preppie' to convey WASP old money, and boating. and it is a bit dated - how 80s.

  9. I'll take your word for that, Dr Spo. But even I, in the 80s, was conscious of that fashion faux-pas, and avoided it. Perhaps the kindest word that can be said is that it 'proves' the young man isn't gay - at least that's my interpretaion.

  10. Oh geez, I knew I had no fashion sense, but it appears I am worse off than I previously thought. I dress like that guy all the time. In fact, what I'm wearing right now very closely approximates that. And much to your horror (I presume) I own NO black shoes.

    What shall I do?!!

  11. Shorts have been good in Derbyshire - until about a week ago when the temperature dropped a bit.

    I suppose it's now September so shorts outside are rather less likely, given we had such an early and warm spring.

    I think almost anything goes sartorially speaking - especially if we're feeling the pinch and cannot afford to buy complete new wardrobes for the autumn season . . .

  12. Cubby, you'll have to get yourself educated by the time I come visiting over there. (Just where are you hiding your 'gay sensibilities'?) But if I can ever afford to cross the pond I dare say I'll be able to afford to send you a gift of some black shoes in advance of my arrival.

    Micky - (Pity we only seem to talk here now) - I'd thought that our Summer, rapidly coming to an end now, hadn't been all that bad really, though nothing to shout loud about. So it came as something of a surprise to read that it's been the coldest Summer for 18 years. I've worn shorts a lot this year (wearing them now, actually) but I think this week they're going to be replaced by colder- weather track-suit bottoms. But you have a point about straitened financial circumstances for us all. In all this year I've only bought two new items of clothing, a short-sleeved shirt plus casual trousers. In shopping terms we really are in 'the big freeze', with no end in sight. (Not sure about your 'anything goes sartorially' maxim. But maybe I've got an over-critical eye.)