Friday, 22 April 2011

My best (well, only) friends-in-the-flesh in the entire world.

I know it's something of a cliche to show off one's pets in one's blogs, but here they are - yet again!
The Noodles half of my Dynamic Duo (on the right), wasted no time in claiming the cardboard box in which I was meaning to store a few of my CDs, and has slept in it day and night ever since I found it in the road about three weeks ago.
Meanwhile Blackso, I've recently been told by the vet, needs an operation to clean his teeth and gums, at a cost of £140. Gulp!
But I love 'em both to bits.


  1. Give 'em hard chews and dry food plus water - it is saving our current dog's teeth whereas all 'wet' tinned/pouch food etc. without anything hard to chew on in between food, has ruined the teeth of dogs I've had in the past.

    Leastways - that's the truth shared with the Former Bitch's vet last time around.

    And - btw - I have flesh and I thought I was your friend (stamps foot).

  2. Does that apply to cats too, Micky? Blackso will not only never eat hard biscuit-type cat food, but will also never drink water and, only very rarely, milk. (Unless he does it at night, but I doubt it.) Noodles does eat them but also never drinks water, and milk only a little now and then. At least twice a day I put out fresh water and milk for them but, as I say, it's nearly always wasted as they don't touch them. (Four other 'foreign' cats, though, do come through my open kitchen window and all of them have a greater appetite for milk at least.)

    Of course you ARE my friend 'Micky', no less than my other highly-valued blog-pals. I meant 'here and actually present in the flesh' - and I suspect you knew that anyway, didn't you? :-)

  3. A bit like the friends we all had when we were younger?

    Not there in the flesh (so not understandable to our parents) but very real company for those lonely moments. Mine were all boys, of course!

  4. As pets get older, expect to experince more 'gulps' Mine are all seniors and the last trip to the vet took $400.00 plus from my bank account for that one visit and that's only for one. I shudder to think what's down the road with the other two. I know it's coming.

    It was a great pleasure, as always, to see your "Dynamic Duo' I have come to the conclusion that a cardboard box is the best thing ever invented. I am hanging on to mine forever.

    Hope you consider me a friend, also, as I do you.

    Happy Spring!

  5. Thanks, Paul. Not only are you my friend but your little ones are too. (Please give them all a cuddle and gentle kiss from me.)
    Yes, re pets' health, I can sense clouds gathering for the future. The natural reaction is to try not to think about it, but the longer one leaves it the worse their eventual fate is likely to be. So I've really got to grasp the nettle. Actually in Blackso's case my desire for him not to experience pain or discomfort is far stronger than any reluctance to spend money on him, though the latter doesn't make it any easier.

    I realised some time ago that when you buy them elaborate toys, if they're interested at all, they soon get bored - even with soft toys treated with catnip. But the old reliables of a cardboard box, a piece of string, a rolled up piece of paper and a short stick never fails to get them excited.
    Please keep me posted on the health of your 'family'.

    And, yes, a very joyous Springtime to you too - though judging from the last few days here we've skipped Spring and jumped straight into
    the middle of Summer - but it's expected to cool down for the big W/C day on Friday.

  6. Always good to see the duo Ray. I don't think the cats teeth will be helped by dry food, George eats it all the time and we still have to get his teeth cleaned. I think that trick works better for canine companions.

  7. Ta, Kyle. I suppose the health care that pets need has got to reflect their age. Blackso at 12/13 is, I suppose, still in late middle-age. (Noodles is about 3 years younger).
    But the whole business is eating away at me. I do so dislike to see animals suffering, and when one makes the decision oneself to get them treated, even if it's in their interests, you still feel so guilty about it.