Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A little failure - but cheered up by this coming Friday's 'entertainment'.

Yesterday and again this morning tried to upload my first 'talkie' video onto this blog, but although it will play back from my own files I can't get it to replay here. Pity. I'll have to have another go some other time.
In the video I was only extemporising on this, that and the other (mostly the 'other') in the manner that the handsome Sean @ 'IdleEyesandaDormy' does so well, but it'll now have to wait a few days before I make another attempt. (Any tips anyone, please?)
Btw: Am I alone in having the experience in, when trying to make one's voice sound more gruff, butch and basso-profundo than it usually is, it comes out just as sing-song and nelly as ever?

Well, I've decided to watch the Royal Wedding after all (with sound off) as it could well be my last chance to see such pageantry. When Harry decides the time has come to restrict himself to utilising just one female orifice - or two - or even three, but of the same person (at least publicly), it won't have quite the level of fanfares as this week's will have, he not being very likely to ascend to the throne. Any of the sprogs resulting from Will's and Cath's union will slip in to succeed before him. (The government is currently suggesting the ending of male primogeniture, which would mean that if Will has one or more daughters only, then they will take precedence to the crown before Harry. As at now, and if nothing is done to change things, if Will becomes deceased having produced those daughter(s), then Harry would still succeed.)

I'll be watching because there may be an incident or two, which is always worth catching live. Any later replays are likely to be censored. I'm referring especially to threats from Muslim groups (one in particular - 'Muslims against Crusades') who, despite banning orders, are vowing nevertheless to protest outside the Abbey (they'll be lucky!) calling for Queen Elizabeth II to be put on trial for war crimes. (Good heavens! Such astonishing knowledge of our constitutional monarchy!) Of course, the arraigning of the Queen is just about as likely as Osama Bin Laden bending down to kiss the Pope's RING!
Also, our more militant gay groups are saying that they'll display banners calling on Will and Cath to publicly affirm support for gay marriage. Nice idea, but just as unlikely as the the last one, I reckon.
But of course I also need my regular visual fix of seeing again our divine Queen-in-Waiting. No, I'm not referring to Prince Edward, who will, even in current positioning, have to wait until he's about 250 years old. I allude to Her Royal Highness, the lovely Camilla (May God bless her, and all who sail in her). I need to see again that craggy, 'Easter Island', visage, ravaged by decades of chain-smoking, though slightly softened by her outdoor equine pursuits. Whether she put the fags (British sense) aside when she hitched up with the fag-despising (British sense) Chas is a matter of debate, as it's not quite clear which of them wears the trousers in the Royal Household. However, picture her pretty-pretty, comely figure, if you will, being mounted - while wearing those sexy high riding boots and jodhpurs. Oh, jolly hockey-sticks!

We're hearing on our news that a lot of Americans - and a significant proportion of the American media - are even more obsessed with the upcoming event than many of us Brits are. It must be hell!
The weather forecast is that there's the possibility of rain on the day, which ought to dampen down the hysteria a bit. However, it would be churlish not to wish the glamorous couple a long and happy marriage - maybe even longer than some of their closest relations on the Royal Family side (which shouldn't be too difficult).


  1. Awww....keep trying, sweetie. Would love to see a video.

  2. Never say die, Wonderboy! Just be a little patient. :-)

  3. Americans are not obsessed with this. Only the American media is. All they see are dollar signs whenever big events like this come around. It's disgusting, really. I wouldn't be surprised if the media is someday caught murdering famous people just so that they can earn a few bucks televising the funerals.

    I'm going to get up early on Friday (4am) to see some of the wedding. I hope everything goes smoothly and the rain holds off. Cross your fingers.

  4. Yep, American television is obsessed with the nuptials. I have to admit that I really am enjoying this circus. If I were there, I'd buy the souvenir mug made in China, which has two heart-shaped photographs: one of Kate and the other one of Harry. What a collectors item that would be! So many stations will be broadcasting all day and it's a difficult decision on which one to watch. Think I'll go with Kathy Griffin, who has stated that she will target Pippa(not even her real name). Hope Kathy adds Camilla to her list. That would make it the best show in town.

  5. Cubby: - To be honest, I hope things do NOT go smoothly, though Heaven forbid that anyone should get hurt. Just heard on the news that the 'Muslim against Crusades' group has backed down and will not be protesting on the day. (Cowards! I was hoping for something to liven up what will probably be a long yawn.) But still hoping that something unforeseen - though harmless - will take place.

    Paul: - A mug with Kate and HARRY? That sounds absolutely priceless - and the funniest thing I've heard in a long time. Hope it's shown on our T.V. here. Not even heard it mentioned yet.
    It's not just the U.S.A. - I believe there's something like 40-50 countries who are televising the whole shebang live. Certainly our two main British terrestial TV channels are giving it saturation coverage from 8 a.m. (our time, naturally) to 4 p.m., but there are plenty of other channels to escape to should one wish. I guess it'll be the same in most other countries, but when you say that 'most stations' over there will be carrying it, that really does sound ominous.
    I didn't know the name of Kathy Griffin so I've just looked her up. Sounds like she'd be fun. We could do with a commentator here supplying some acid wit, pointed barbs and gentle put-downs (all good-natured, of course) as I imagine she would be doing. Enjoy the day!

  6. I am after a favour – I want ONE SECOND of your time!

    I have an idea for a 30 second movie, that will add to the couple of ’30 second movies’ I have done so far.

    Can you video yourself saying the word “PRACTICE” and email it to me?

    A strange request, I know, but all will become clear when I piece it together with other bloggers clips to make a famous saying.

    If you are willing – send the clip to

  7. Done, Stephen. My fate is in your hands - along with several others, I presume.

  8. Have you tried to upload your vids on Youtube? I can't wait to watch them. Yay!

  9. No, I haven't, Tai. I don't have a YouTube account as yet and it's a site I don't visit very often as all I've heard about it seems to be negative. Maybe it's unfair but I'll think about what you say. Thanks.
    Btw I only have one video so far, and a lot of what I said is in the above blog so I'd have to make another one.

  10. Ray voices are very tough to alter and have then sound real. I often have troubles with video uploads, mainly that has to do with my ISP. I just keep trying and eventually it goes through. We'll wait just keep trying.