Monday, 11 March 2013


Reasonably absorbing tale of high-finance shenanigans coupled with the attempted cover up of an accidental death - made more watchable by the rare big-screen presence of Richard Gere (a late substitute for Al Pacino, I read) and the even rarer and doubly welcome appearance of Tim Roth who does his slovenly act so well. Add to these two the marvellous Susan Sarandon and it's a strong cast.

Gere plays a smooth-veneered, commercial big-flyer, owning a business in which he's done some shady dealings. Not only is this his big secret which he needs to keep a lid on but a huge complication arises when, driving his young affair, the car overturns and she is killed. (This is not really a 'spoiler' as it happens early on in the film)  He now finds himself in the double bind of additionally needing to keep the fact of his having been the driver from his deceived wife, and this provides the momentum for much of the film's subsequent developments. Tim Roth, excellent as always (those hang-dog eyes!), plays the detective who suspects the truth, trying to nail the slippery Gere character.

Even though my own qualification is in finance (though not commercial) and I used to be accountant, I was quickly lost on the intricacies of the financial dealings but I didn't feel it was a great loss. (Yes, I too had to look up the film's probably unwise title in the dictionary.)

Not bad entertainment all round and by no means a waste of time, especially with these players in the three leading roles.................6.5


  1. I quite like the sound of this Ray. I love Tim Roth too (under rated, would probably be better for us if he hadn't fled to the US). Have always had a liking for Mr. Gere ever since my heart stopped when I saw him naked in "American Gigolo" all those centuries ago with the great Blondie soundtrack.

    1. It's definitely worth a shot, Craig.
      It's regretful that Tim Roth has been so under-used on the cinema-screen, though I believe he's no stranger to certain recent TV series, none of which I've seen. Did you ever see the film 'Gridlock'd' (1997) in which he plays a sort of criminal double act with (the then shortly to be killed) Tupac Shakur? He was exceptionally good in that. He can really play the grouch swimming against the tide like few others can.
      I believe one of his biggest regrets was in turning down a role in the first Harry Potter film (eventually taken by Ian Hart), not knowing what a phenomenon the franchise would turn out to be.

      Ricjard Gere has always had a formidable screen presence - and when the smoothie surface he always portrays impeccably masks a troubled underside he's especially watchable. And in this film he's exactly that.
      BUT, would you believe, I've never seen 'American Gigolo'? It's one of those film that just passed me by on release (can't remember why) and when it's on TV it's always late night. However, in the light of what you say must look out for it next time it comes round.

  2. Susan looks sexier the older she gets
    Wish I did

    1. I was just thinking that during the course of the film, J.G. She's amazing for her age - and I found myself looking for tell-tale signs of botox or face-lift or whatever. However she does it she's still showing very smooth skin.
      But even besides that she's a very fine actress, which for me was part of the chief attraction of this film - the trio of its main stars, each individually worth going out of one's way to see, but getting them all together.....!

  3. I love your movie reviews. So many movies ill probably never get a chance to see but I feel so familiar with them thanks to you!


    1. I'm grateful for that typically generous comment from you, S/b. I do hope that, despite what you say, maybe occasionally I can give you the impetus to see something of value which you might otherwise have missed.

  4. I am surprised that you saw this now. Usually, you get movies before we do. This film had an odd release. First it was shown on VOD, and subsequently to the theaters. I saw it on VOD as I was eager to see it since it starred Geer, whom I first saw on B'way in "Bent" and have loved him since. I enjoyed this film and have to admit that I watched it twice since VOD permits you to view it for 24 hours.

    I did like the soundtrack and was surprised and delighted when I heard the song "My Foolish Heart" - really an oldie, but always a favorite. And my habit of staying for the credits paid off. Good choice to include Bjork.

  5. The release date of films in various countries is curious, Paul. I actually get the impression that your side of the ocean gets most films before us - even British ones, which causes me particular irritation. But I suppose one's perspective determines what one notices.

    I didn't used to like R.G. when he first started out in films but it didn't take me long to warm to him. He's one of those who's a compelling presence on screen and never gives a duff performance. Few can touch him when he plays a 'smoothie' as in this film. But his film releases are so comparatively few for some reason. Maybe, as I'm not aware of him being much on TV (in anything, in fact), he prefers live theatre work?

    Yes, although I did notice 'My Foolish Heart' I didn't link Bjorn's name to the sound of it. I'll pay more attention next time round - which I hope there will be - and then I too had better watch for the credits.