Friday 21 May 2010

Grizzly pic, grisly news - but maybe not entirely.

Yours truly - taken yesterday shortly after hearing the appalling news from Malawi, which still weighs heavily inside me. You'd think that even Christian leaders would be dismayed and be speaking out against the obscene sentences. Perhaps they are - but I think that the local ones at least would be too afraid of bringing down the wrath of their own congregations. Just hearing the viciously hateful comments made by people outside the courts, as well as the judge, fills me with despair.
But on the other hand, and to raise the spirits, wasn't it great to hear what Laura Bush had been really thinking on LGBT issues during those eight dark years when she was First Lady? I'd always seen her as a robotically obedient 'Stepford Wife' but now it seems she just might have been instrumental in restraining the worst excesses that 'Dubya' could have been influenced to enact. Or am I being naive - and should we withhold any gratefulness to her because she didn't do still more?


  1. meh...too little too late in my opinion. I dislike people who are only "brave" when it's safe and popular to be....

  2. Thanks, Wonderboy. Yes, I suppose any good at Mrs B. saying such a thing now is diluted by the passage of time. It would only have been really courageous for her to have spoken out while still in the White House. Btw, looking at my photo, I ought to point out that the bags under my eyes are exacerbated by it being hay-fever season. (At least that's my excuse.)