Wednesday 12 May 2010

We have a new Prime Minister - for now.

Well, I would have preferred the Conservatives to have attempted to run the country with a minority government (and possibly sunk themselves quite quickly), but I suppose a deal with the Lib-Dems was the second-best option, the latter maybe helping to temper the more outrageous elements of Conservative policy. But I think that come the next General Election the Lib-Dems could well be near decimated and back to their pre-1997 position of having a mere dozen seats or even less. Those voters feeling that the Conservatives should be given a proper chance to rule in their own right will side more emphatically with that party and those Lib-Dems who feel betrayed by the new Conservative/Lib-Dem coalition (the majority, I imagine) will transfer to Labour, which could well revive that party, especially if Labour's likely new leader is the young and charismatic David Milliband. But let's not count our chickens. It may work out better than I reckon.


  1. You assessment about the Lib-Dem voters feeling betrayed is spot on. How does that saying go exactly? -- When you get in bed with the devil you wake up in hell.

  2. Larry, I fear you're right. Although it's still very early days I already feel part of the 'betrayed' crowd. I see that with all the major ministerial posts now filled, practically all the Conservatives appointed have, at best, dubious records on their past voting on LGTB issues, and some indeed, have been completely opposed to every single advance we've achieved. Can only hope that by some miracle these leopards have changed their spots, but it certainly doesn't augur well. Btw their first move, and a very positive one, has been to cancel the previous Government's crazy obsession with creating a national DNA data-base. So that's a good start at least.