Sunday 30 May 2010

Eurovision delivers entertainment value in spades - again!

Well, so what if the U.K. could do no better than finish in 25th place? - out of 25! It's hardly the end of the world, even though it is happening with alarmingly increasing regularity - it's the 3rd time in the last 8 years. Whilst conceding our song may not have deserved to have been a clear winner (part-penned by composers of all those international disco hits of the 1980s, including Kylie, which had then got so many of us sweaty on the dance floor) I thought it at least should have finished in the top 10, but it didn't help being delivered by an inexperienced and uncharismatic 19 year old youth.
Winner was Germany, only their second-ever win - their previous win being Nicole's dreadfully twee 'A Little Peace' in 1982. Still can't see why yesterday's entry won (sung by one 'Lela', also 19), though I believe it has already been a huge hit throughout large parts of Europe. I can't recall now the 'tune' to 'Satellite'. Maybe there wasn't one.

But, above all, it was the OTT campery which always makes this event so watchable - surely the gayest thing on TV which is not explicitly defined as 'gay'.
The event of the night just had to be the 5-man (repeat, 'man'!) Greek entry, 'Hopa!', delvered by this clutch of foot-stomping, testosterone-bursting, all-white-clad HE-MEN. They must all have been surely rugger-buggers, heavyweight boxers or knitting champions - possibly all three! What with their grunts and orgasmic-sounding, deep-throated repeated cries of "UGH" they were just too TOO! And the hunky lead singer with his glorious facial fuzz - OMG! I just wanted to shout out to them "HERE I AM! TAKE ME!" As a song it would have been my runner-up.
I actually voted for Serbia, with its epicene, blond boy (I think) lead singer - and four dancers including an hilarious constant smiler of a cloney-bearded type whom I could just have eaten up raw. In the event they finished about half-way.
The other eye-opener was the male half (natch!) of Romania's double act, sitting at each end of a double-keyboard, see-through, grand piano. Boy, he was good looking! A bit more mature than 'Smiley of Serbia' but with similar-style short beard. Every time he opened his fur-rimmed mouth I just wanted to fill it! Nice song, which actually finished 3rd.
As for the women - Iceland's entry takes the honours for me - a lady at least well into her 30s, maybe older, and carrying more 'embonpoint' than Mama Cass, Sophie Tucker and Montserrat Caballe combined - with Susan Boyle thrown in! To see her daintily side-stepping and gently swaying to her song amid her sylph-like supporting dancers held me in awe.
All in all, then, a memorable evening. Pity it's only once a year, but I suppose that's what makes it even more anticipated. Great fun!


  1. I know for whom I would not have voted -Germany. As one commentor put it: "Germany's song sucks" I did like Serbia's Milan Stankovic and the five hunky guys performing the energy-contagious OPA. But the performance that affected me most was the Swiss entry "Il pleut de l'or" sung by Michael von derHeide -sexy and sensuous. Was surprised, but shouldn't have been, to see that Graham Norton was the host. That explains why he did not have a show this week. I enjoyed him on the LloydWebber search for Joseph show and assume that he did a credible job on this big event.

  2. Paul, even now, some days later, I STILL can't understand why Germany won. I assumed that it must be a song which grew on on one - but not so far. (But then, 36 years later, I still can't see why ABBA won with 'Waterloo', though I'm as glad as hell that they did!)
    I couldn't remember Switzerland's 2010 song so I've just had another look. Yes, it's pretty good - considerably better than some I could name. Must admit it hadn't made such a big impression on me at the time but, like most entries, seeing it in isolation makes one appreciate more its true worth. It was certainly performed with 'soul'. I think in that second heat I actually voted for Romania, optimistically sure that the quirkily performed and staged Netherlands entry would get through, which of course it didn't.
    There was a good clutch of worthy potential winners this year - Yes, including Russia's big ballad entry, so unfairly unpopular with the audience (for political reasons?) - but for me that handful hadn't included the eventual victor. Btw at least I can't claim to be biased against Germany. I lived there for 3 years - and do still speak German.
    Graham Norton - hmmmm. Can never come to a settled view. I usually quite like him - until he comes out with his dreadful giggly laugh which just goes right through me!
    I've only seen bits of his talent-hunting shows - a little of G.N. goes a long way. In his late evening shows his jokes and his playfulness can often be just too cringe-worthy cruel.
    Thanks for your views, Paul. You're (so far) the only one I've exchanged views with on Eurovision - and it feels good to 'get it out'.