Monday 12 September 2011

Biding my time.

Last week, sitting on a blowy Autumnal-feeling sea-front at Brighton (well, Hove actually) awaiting emergency dental appointment to replace filling which fell out, just 5 days following six-monthly routine check when I was given the thumbs up. Even under our admirable National Health Service had to pay for both visits. Oh well. Better that than no treatment at all.


  1. I sympathize Ray - very frustrating so soon after a check up.
    One of the luxuries I promised myself when we moved back to the UK was private dental insurance as I just don't think that the NHS dental arm offers enough. I've been happy with it.
    I rather like the sea front in blowy conditions - BRACING!

  2. Craig, as 'downs' go, it could be a lot worse. There are more important things in life to get worked up about. But thanks for your endorsement of Private Dental Care. When I win the National Lottery.......

    Still blowy here, but can't be anything like you've been experiencing up there - as I've seen on the weather forecasts.
    To help YOU see things in perspective - just remember that on Neptune winds of over 1,200 m.p.h. have been recorded. Now THAT is what I call 'bracing' - and wouldn't it just blow your brolly inside out?!!!

  3. Not as 'bad' as bad could be, Cubby, so no sweat!

  4. Oh what a bummer, I hate the dentists, brave man you are.

    It was rather blowy wasn't it.

  5. Hope all went well. The weather sure looked raw!

  6. Jase, I never went to the dentist AT ALL between the ages of about 7 and 30. When I grew old enough to realise the foolishness of not doing so I then had a new dread - being told I must have ALL my teeth extracted, as had happened to my late elder brother. When I did eventually pluck up the courage it was nowhere near as bad as feared - one extraction and three or four fillings. I've been regularly ever since - but I agree, it's never an appointment to look forward to.

    Thanks, Mitch. Yes, it went fine. Fingers crossed that the filling will hold this time, otherwise a cap on the tooth will be necessary, at a cost of about 230 Euros. Now THAT really will hurt - ouch!

    Thanks Dr Spo - just one of the many trials of life, though have to be grateful that many at my age have far fewer teeth of their own than I've managed to keep.

  7. Dental work is not fun-ever. Ray, the photos are lovely.

  8. Thanks, Kyle. Now two weeks later, the new filling hasn't come out -yet.