Thursday 14 July 2011

More pics from my "It was NOT a holiday!" last week.

Near coast of north-east England. In distance is small town of New Marske (pop c. 10.000) where I lived for a few years (having lived before that in the former steel town of Middlesbrough) before coming south and embarking on sequence of moves - Oxford, Germany (Cologne), London, Brighton, and now Worthing, from whence I can't wait to escape.

My sister, Leone (my elder by 9 years) and her hubby, Ted. I stay at their house on my visits to the area and use it as base for my visits elsewhere.

You-know-who and Ted, who's falling asleep after all his booze!

My brother Carl (older than me by 7 years) and his wifey, Sylvia, who clearly wasn't ready. I should have re-taken the shot.

Looks like my bro is having a visit from Santa!

My former school-friend, Paul, whom I've known for over 50 years. He's actually Canadian (from Simcoe) and has retained his accent all these years. He's also the cleverest person I've ever known personally - his specialties being philosophy, mathematics and cosmology, and in his youth was a remarkable athlete. We both share an unparalleled appreciation and worship of the musical accomplishments of the mighty J.S.Bach.

Paul and I spent several hours together chatting and supping wine in a bistro. Pity the photos of the two of us taken there didn't have any visual context.

                                          So that's it, folks, probably for another full year. My blogs back to the mundane now.


  1. Ah good, solid social stuff and good, solid chaps by the look of it.

    I have to sympathise with Worthing though - makes Middlesbrough look like a good place!

  2. Nice photos Ray. You look very happy and healthy on your NOT a holiday. In the one pic it looks like you are wearing a mic pack on your belt with a wire going up your shirt. Were you filming an episode for your reality TV show "Ray's Way"?

  3. Micky, thanks for your visit. Do you remember a few years ago a Channel 4 documentary called something like 'The Country's Worst Place to Live'? Middlesbrough came out top! Although it is a bit of a rough town I don't think it's quite as bad as the prog suggested. Maybe that's because it's where I grew up in my formative years and retain some affection for it. But as for Worthing, it's just a colossal BORE!!!!

    Cubby - what I'm wearing is a Walkman (remember them?), long since been superceded by the MP3 player and then by the iPlayer, the former of which I have owned one for several years but I can't fathom out how to work. Being a news-junkie I've got to have access to what's going on in the world all the time. The Walkman also plays cassettes so I can listen to not just music I've recorded (mainly classical) but also recorded broadcasts of radio plays.
    As for 'Ray's Way' - a very good thought, but it would be so tedious - and (perhaps by rights I shouldn't be saying this) I have NO intention of letting the world know of my 'after-dark' activities let alone seeing them. I don't suppose I have to go into further detail. ;-)

  4. What a lovely selection of photos Ray. It's good to catch up with family and old friends on a "not holiday"!

  5. Thanks, Craig, though I'd willingly concede they aren't a patch on your own snaps which are always of wider interest than just 'family and friends' as mine are.

  6. when was your blog ever mundane???

  7. It is compared to just about everybody else's, Dr Spo - and yours especially, among most. However, I'd have to concede that your remark has just given me a fillip. Ta!

  8. Ray, glad you had such a nice trip and were able to visit so many people you care about. Your blog is not mundane!