Wednesday 15 June 2011

My Social Life - All 100% of it on blogs.

Blog-reading is making an ever-increasing demand on my day. I'm not complaining - well, maybe I am, really. I find other people's blogs so fascinating and interesting. They all live in a totally different world from mine. Though I don't add a comment on every one of them every day, of course (who does?), I often wish there was the time to do more. And that's only with the score or so bloggers whom I follow. Those bloggers who follow several times more than the number that I do cannot possibly read all of them. It's just beyond human capability.
  Feel rather guilty that there are a number of fellow-bloggers who follow me but whom I haven't yet put on my own blog-roll. Really intend to go through them before too long though I know it will only increase the already significant amount of time spent reading here. But it should also be enriching.

Although keen to avidly follow the exploits of my blogger-pals I think they are all, without exception, gay. Not that there's anything 'wrong' with that, but it would be nice to have the occasional hetero pal. But how does one go about 'acquiring' one?

  My entire life of 'socialising' is conducted through blogs. I've said before that I have no friends 'in person', a friend whom I could easily visit - a situation I've been in for years, yet which I know is within my power to get out of, but.......
   Think I suffer from a condition only identified fairly recently - a fear of social interaction, which would explain why I've never had a true 'relationship' and even when I have had friends in the past, was never comfortable about them getting too close to me, both literally physically, as well as knowing too much about me. In fact all the most memorable physical 'experiences' of my life have been fleeting ones with strangers - casual encounters in public 'places', dark rooms, saunas, one-night stands in hotels etc. Sad in a way, but nevertheless true. How I've never caught anything serious, or even fatal, during all those wild years (now largely over) would be considered a miracle if I believed in such things.

    On blogs one can be as frank as one likes, with the added positive feature (for me) that distance makes personal tactile contact impossible. One can also make one out to be a nicer person than one actually is, which is very useful indeed.

  So, when I win our National Lottery and start my round of personal visits worldwide to those bloggers whom I especially value, I give notice that I'd prefer not to stay at anyone's house or apartment, but will be asking for recommendations of a hotel in the vicinity so that I can stay there and see you now and again, but retire back to seclusion before any mutual irritations start to surface. - and btw, don't forget that I'm veggie.


  1. Ray it is very hard to get around to everyone. I have about forty blogs that I do comment on and I do read all the rest, just not every post they make. I keep blogs in a rotation, but that is subject to change if one of the forty post something I need to check out of comment on. Just keep it real and have as much fun as you can with it. Don't let it become a chore. There are days in the week that I set aside for blogging and the other days are mapped out for other things. I don't blog at all those days. Its' not that I don't want to, I just don't want it to become my life. It easily could.

    If you decide to come here when you are wealthy, you may want to stay here at the house. I think it would be much nicer than the local hotels. I don't know what they look like on the inside, but I really don't want to know, based on what they look like on the outside. No quaint cottages, scenic vistas, or amenities at the hotels here. Just a warning. :)

  2. We will definitely find a hotel room for you when you visit, after you've won the lottery. Maybe we can find a 'dark room' too.

  3. Kyle, yes it's all very much about keeping things in proportion. I know that some bloggers have over 100 bloggers who follow them, some have several hundred! But deciding who one wants to follow is another matter, and the list must necessarily be volatile.

    On your own blog I'm so pleased when you do put down your own thoughts - but these are more often than not written as reactions to other people's comments on the links that you have posted. Although it really is a matter of finding time I would so like it if you were able to find such to write expansively on so many of the subjects you introduce - after all, if I may say, I look to your blog in particular more for information and your own especial 'wisdom' rather than for entertainment, though I do sometimes find that too. But I do fully understand your concern that it could take over your life. It's often much easier to let everything out here (that's where the time-consumption happens) than in holding back. So I take your point.

    Thanks very much for your invite. I'll mull it over, bearing in mind that I would expect your offer of hospitality in catering especially, less problematic than, perhaps, some of my other blogger-pals.

    Cubby, that's very kind of you. Could you reserve a room with a double-bed, please? You know, just in case.....
    As for a 'dark room', good idea, but could you also point out the local cruising areas too? Oh, and btw, is it easy to obtain Viagra around where you are? Over here we need a doctor's prescription - and even then it's only allowed in 'moderation'. (Too risky to buy it over the Internet.)

  4. You are a veggie? Does that make you a coach potato or a sweet tomato?

  5. Just someone who knows his onions, Dr Spo. (Ouch!)
    Thanks for visiting. I'm genuinely flattered.

  6. I agree that one can get totally buried in blogs. I'm catching up on some of my reading right now and have to drag myself away sometimes. It is interesting how much more honest we feel can be here as opposed to in person. What a shame. Anyway, I look forward to that big lottery win!

  7. Thanks, Mitch. Yes, I think we can be more honest because we're talking to those whom we are not going to meet in a hurry, or even at all, speaking as someone with a whole ocean's width between myself and some of my blog-pals - though I'm not writing off the hope that one day I will actually be able to 'do the rounds'.
    Face-to-face all the inhibitions start coming into play - and we try to present the kind of face that would most please the other person. (Sad, really). On the other hand I sometimes get uneasy reading some blogs when I think the writer is giving away TOO much of themselves. My own watchword is to say only what you are comfortable with others knowing. Once it's out, there's no 'un-saying' it.