Tuesday, 21 June 2011

June 21st - Poignant double-anniversary day

Today is six years since my mother's funeral - she had died 10 days prior, aged 89.
It's also exactly 32 years since the day my father died, at 69 years.

I loved them both dearly, but must confess that it was only in their respective latter years that I really appreciated them. Although it's natural to have some regrets about things unsaid or undone I'm grateful that in my case there aren't any really major regrets in that respect. Also grateful that there were no great hostilities between them and other members of my large-ish family, which is indeed something to be thankful for, especially when I read the family circumstances of some other bloggers.

Always loving you, Mum & Dad.


  1. I'm very glad you had a good relationship with your parents. I'm lucky in that respect as well.

  2. Beautifully written. My family experience is not as pure, but still much to be grateful for.

  3. Thanks Cubby. Although I did tend to take my parents for granted until I was practically middle-aged (maybe you did too, or maybe you valued them from earlier) we certainly never had any great fall-outs or even arguments. So, as you say, we were luckier than some - even MUCH luckier.

    Mitch, I'm totally overcome and flattered by your visiting here - and so thankful for your tender comment. I am so pleased that you recognise the best part of your familial situation even though it sounds like it wasn't ideal. I think we have an obligation to show others that we can sift out the 'bad bits' and rejoice in the positives - and I take heart that you are doing just that. Thanks, my friend.

  4. Nice post Ray!
    You might have their pics and wanna share?

  5. Thanks, Tai. It's hard to believe but I only have a couple of pics of my Mum (which I posted on this blog a few years ago) and none at all of my Dad. My sister has a few more of both of them but even then those of my Dad are from when he was much younger - none at all from him when he was around the age I am now. This is because they came from a generation when photos weren't that common. You certainly had to be wealthy to have had a movie camera, which we were certainly not - or even to be able to take still colour photos. But thanks for your nice thought anyway.

  6. Ray, I''m happy you didn't have to deal with family hostilities. That can be nasty. I think many people don't have a good relationship with parents until later years, so I don't think your situation is too odd.

  7. Yes I don't think it's that unusual, Kyle. But as I say, one regret I do have is in taking my parents for granted when young and even into early adulthood. It's only MUCH later that I realised just how much they'd sacrificed of their own comfort in order to keep me and my four siblings content. I do wish I could tell them right now that I appreciate how much they did.
    However, as you say, there are some real horror stories around of open enmity between parents and offspring. I've no idea how one can hope to cope with that.