Saturday 12 December 2009

"Oh Gawd, Miss Scarlett. Dis gempmum's readin' 'bout us - agaaayyyn!"

Every December I like to give myself a self-indulgent treat by luxuriating and wallowing in re-reading a book which thrills me again and again. Was surprised to find that my last reading of GWTW was December 1994 - which must itself have been at least my fourth time, so there's absolutely no competition this year. Must confess that as I get older I wonder if the time I re-read a particular book or re-watch a favourite film will also be the last time. Morbid thought, yes, but that's the way it is. Anyway will embark on this wonderful biblio-journey in tandem with another work by a favourite author whom I also tend to re-read in December, but this time as I've recently bought half-a-dozen books of his which have escaped me up to now, I'm choosing Stephen King's collection of short stories (a form he's particularly good at) 'Just After Sunset'.
Can hardly wait to start them - both have to finished before the New Year (one of my little self-imposed regimes) - but first I've got some 200 pages of a P.G.Wodehouse to get through. Busy weeks ahead - but such fun!


  1. You have busy weeks ahead indeed. Raybeard I'm glad you recycle reading material. I don't have a ritual per se, but I too like to re-read some of my favorites from time to time. Enjoy stepping into those other realms!

  2. Yes, Kyle, ever since I was young I've not only re-read books I've liked first time round but even some 'classics' I couldn't get into the first time. Perseverance pays dividends - otherwise I'd not be enjoying Dickens, Austen and others that I do so much now - all re-reads, of course.