Thursday 17 December 2009

It may feel cold around your parts but I'm getting chilblains on mine.

I do so dislike the cold - and for a few days now and for at least a few days more the weather here has been nithering. I know that when I say that temperatures have been hovering only just above freezing during the day and just below at night, some may find that positively balmy - even torrid. But I just ain't used to it. Goodness knows how we grew up in a house that didn't have any heating at all. Once in a while my Dad would fix an open fire in the living room only and that is all we'd have the entire Winter through. Memories of waking up on ice-cold mornings and finding that all the water pipes had frozen so we had to wash in a metal basin filled by a kettle from the stove. In fact it wasn't until I was well into my 20s that I first experienced living with central heating. Now I couldn't survive without it. Even my cats don't like the cold - especially Blackso who sleeps under the duvet with me, warming himself with my body-heat in the crook of my arm, while I struggle to maintain some semblance of comfort for both of us. Unlike Noodles, who'll pester me to be let out in the middle of the night by coming to the bedroom and jumping on and off the bed, Blackso will snooze the entire night through. Only trouble is, he snores like a foghorn - whereas Noodles doesn't snore at all. Wish it was the other way round. Anyway, hope this cold snap is just that - temporary - and roll on Summer. (Yeah, dream on! - for another four months at the very least!)


  1. Raybeard, please tell me you had an indoor toilet. I could deal without central heat or even bathing in a basin, but I could not deal with having to go outside to use the bathroom. I draw the line there.

    Glad one of the cats is interested in helping to keep you warm. I'm not surprised Noodles will do that, in the night our little one George will pester us for almost anything at any time. He is a very good cat though.

    Try to stay warm!

  2. Kyle, I hadn't realised that you have a pussy too. ;-)

  3. Brrrr! No central heat growing up? And your father would build a fire "once in a while"? OMG. Now I feel like such a spoiled person. Well, I guess I *AM* a spoiled person.

    You know what? I'd rather take that cold than have to deal with living somewhere it is overly hot. You can also put more clothes on when it's cold, but in the heat, once you are naked that's it.

    Have a good weekend Ray xoxo

  4. Thanks, Larry. I hope you have a very fine weekend too. But you've hit the nail on the head in saying what I also feel - Although I don't like extreme (to me) hot OR cold, when the latter, at least you can do something about it, unless of course you're one of those poor homeless souls living on the streets whom I particularly sorrow for in this weather. Btw, woke up this morning (at 4 o'clock, thanks to Noodles) to see the heaviest snowfall we've had in the 10 years I've been in this particular town. Brrrrrr indeed!