Friday, 7 August 2009

Relief for my pussies

My landlord came into the flat yesterday for the first time in several years. He needs to do repairs on some rotting window frames. At first I said I'd give him a ring when I was ready to let him in but then decided to get it over with and told him to come straight up. Both my cats were here in the kitchen - it's the first time he's seen them. (Under the tenancy agreement no pets of any description are allowed) But from his initial "Hello there!" I could see he also was a cat person. I plunged in and told him the truth that they had both chosen me to live with rather than stay with their previous owners. To my great relief he wasn't at all fussed and doesn't seem to be going to make an issue of it. And here's me for ages working out what I could do if he'd insisted on my parting with them - they are my best, in fact my only friends 'in the flesh' as it were. So I can now exhale a huge "phew!" Only potential problem now is the still-to-materialise new tenants in the flat under me. He said it could be one of several, including a couple of men in their 40s (interesting!). But that's all for the future. In the meantime my greatest fear hasn't materialised. Lucky pussies - and me!


  1. I hope you end up with gay neighbors. That would be wonderful.

  2. You have no idea how happy I am for you and your two companions. I have to admit that I shared your worries. All those months of needless worry, but, you can't look back or you'd go crazy. With your two now safe and maybe new gay neighbors, life may become pretty good. Here's hoping.

  3. Thanks very much indeed to both of you. I'm so deeply touched by you taking an interest in my 'getting-it-off-my-chest' blogs. Will write of further developments.