Thursday, 20 August 2009

New neighbour moved in - could he turn into the neighbour from hell?

Yesterday a guy moved into the flat under me - by himself. So, sadly, it wasn't the possible gay couple I was told it might have been. I've not properly met him yet, only having seen him through the window. He looks to be in his 30s, but nothing in his mien makes me think he might be gay - but, of course, one can never be sure. He was talking to my next-door neighbours quite cordially. Then yesterday evening I was wondering why my two pussies were being so cagey about going in and out of the kitchen back window. I assumed it was just that they'd noticed a stranger, but then to my surprise and alarm saw a fully-grown Alsatian in the back garden. (Not that I personally mind. All animals are my friends.) But that was totally unexpected. Then I retired last night at 9.30, noticing that downstairs was in complete darkness so I assumed he was maybe out walking the dog. Then at 10 o'clock there was the sound of his coming in. The nights have been so sultry that I've been sleeping with all windows open with my bedroom looking out onto back garden. Then I got the smell of his smoking out there - and soon the 'nostalgic' smell of Amsterdam bars - grass being smoked. Although I've never tried it myself - not even smoked a 'normal' cigarette, actually (Ooh! Get her! 'Virgin Lips!' - at least as far as cigarettes are concerned! ;-) ) I've got nothing against cannabis smokers - loads of my past friends smoked it regularly, and I certainly didn't mind then. But with whatever combinations he was inhaling and probably imbibing, at first there was a mumble which grew and grew until his slurred words were discernible. I couldn't decide if he was talking to himself or to his dog - but the language was certainly 'colourful' - 'effing and blinding' loudly. That lasted for about an hour. He then went inside where I heard him bumping around - sounded like he was either knocking things over or falling down himself. For a brief period he had pop music on - loud! - then he went back to stamping and bumping around the flat. I was still awake at 3 a.m. I had to rise at 5.30 to put out the bins for collection. (I had feared I might be subject to a canine attack, having to enter the back garden to get the bins out. But I haven't seen or heard at all any signs of that dog since yesterday afternoon - so I hope he was only temporarily minding it for someone. Should find out today.) So as at this moment I've just got out of bed once again after trying to catch up on missed sleep. I've already heard him stirring about this morning. So I'm full of trepidation how this may turn out. He doesn't seem like the type of guy whom I could trust to care for my pussies if I'm called away. Meantime I'm hoping madly that last night was just an aberration and that he may turn out to be a nice, reliable guy after all - though the signs don't exactly look encouraging.


  1. You stumped me with the name "Alsatian". I had to look it up. In the states, we refer to that breed as a German Shepherd. I learned that the Alsatian name came about in WWI in the UK and Ireland due to anti-German sentiment.

    I'll have to remember to ask my London friend about it. We have dialect discussions all the time. He keeps trying to make me write/speak like a Brit.

    I hope your new neighbor works out for you, and hope he doesn't start bringing any screaming women. Maybe he'll bring home some screaming men!

  2. Thanks, Larry. I never knew that 'Alsatian' was a peculiarly British name. But now having seen the dog again as he took it out for a walk this morning it's actually closer to being what we'd call a 'husky'. (Hope that hasn't confused things even more.) I'm now actually starting to wonder if I can move out altogether from this town where I've lived for nearly 10 years and which I've never really warmed to. Ideally I'd be very happy indeed to move back to Oxford where I was for 13 years up to 1988. (A smallish city with, very importantly, loads of culture to revel in.) But I think rent prices there would be beyond my resources. However, I'm now investigating moving anywhere other than here - while my fingers are firmly crossed that tonight won't be a repetition of last night.