Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Belly laughs.

Thanks largely to the inspiration of the esteemed Breenlantern did my first jog this morning since mid-November (which itself was the first since the previous July!). Just GOT to work this absurd paunch off. I've always been on the thin side without being actually skinny but a protruding stomach on such a body really looks gives the impression of being preggers! (Just like that expectant bearded 'man' we saw a lot of a couple of months back.) I wouldn't care but two years ago the same thing happened, brought home to me by a visit to the barbers, me unwisely wearing shorts and already very conscious of my front load. As I exited after the cut, just before the door eased shut behind me, I heard the four of five guys there collapse into hysterics. I've little doubt that I was the object of their mirth and knew what exactly had caused it. (It stung like hell - and I changed my barber after that.) Looking self-consciously in the reflections of shop windows on the way back I was struck by the grotesque sight. Anyway it was the spur to reducing food intake and taking more exercise. The waist was eventually successfully brought down so far that I was actually able to fit on my old scout belt - which I'd worn when I'd been just 12, albeit briefly, but that's another story. So all last Summer I rejoiced in having a satisfactorily fairly flat tummy - but come the Autumn I let myself go again (dammit!) with the result that I'm back in the same undesirable situation. Well, there's no choice. Just got to get it down yet again - and will! In fact it's already showing signs of 'de-tumescing'. When younger, I was accused of being vain about my body and looks. Might as well have something to feel vain about, so more pounding the English south coast ahead!


  1. Wow, good for you!!!! I wouldn't say I'm esteemed so much as I am curiously noted :-) I'll show you my weight loss if you show me yours :-)

  2. 'fraid I don't really monitor weight, rather go on how I look. (Don't even own a set of scales!) But just for you, when I was last weighed by my doctor 6 months ago I was just under 180 pounds. For a six-footer I think that's acceptable but with my current paunch (still reducing slowly) might be a lttle more than that. Cheers - at least I hope you are cheering for yourself by now!