Friday, 27 February 2009


Want to be brave like so many others and post a current pic of myself here. Tried several times with web-cam but so far the results have been unflattering - which probably means they were realistic-looking. Even though I'm aware this isn't a dating site (but I am available!) when one sees what my age is one expects to see a 'daddy' figure. Trouble is I just don't look like one. Throughout life people have always said that I look some years younger than I actually am - which would now suggest someone in their 50s but I STILL don't look like a daddy. Oh well, maybe I'll try again tomorrow. Why not put off what one can do today?


  1. Send me some pics in my e-mail and I'll pic the best one...I'm an expert...I stare at guys all day long ;-)

  2. Feel I might be taking my life in my hands if I do that, Mr Bristles. Rather afraid you might be SOOOOOO put off by what you see that you'd want to ring down the curtain on our little computer banter. Still, will consider.

  3. Read more of my blog and know me better, and then you will trust that I do not judge, I support. We all have beauty in us...I prefer to look for that in others. FYI: I want to respond to your comments sometimes, but I don't have a direct e-mail for you. feel comfortable sharing it? Send me an e at - Be well!