Tuesday 22 November 2011

Tom Cullen, Welsh actor - What a hottie!

I wasn't aware of this 26-year old until today. I've just returned from seeing the new film 'Weekend' which has received, as far as I can see, universally positive reviews. It concerns a two-day (hence the title) gay affair. To tell the truth I found the film itself on the edge of boring but was absolutely transfixed by this sensationally good looker. I've given the film as a whole a 6/10 on Imdb - the average score given by contributors at the time was 8.4. But in my books 'hotties' don't come much hotter than this Mr Cullen. Definitely earns a "Phwarrrrrrr!"

The film is a virtual two-hander and here is my beauty with his co-actor, the pretty nice Chris New - though when it comes to a choice between the two, well, although New certainly isn't bad, there's just no competition!


  1. I wish it would play here :-(

  2. I wish it would too, S/b - and still hope it might. It's got quite a wide release here, not only to the art-house cinemas. But in the meantime anyone who finds him as yummy as I do will just have to manage with the stills - with fist as optional extra?

  3. I really loved this film and I believe it was because of the charisma of the two players. And speaking of players, my eye was constantly on Chris New. The only fault that I found was that, at times, the accents were so heavy that you couldn't understand what they were saying. Saw it on VOD, and had to watch several scenes over again in order to comprehend what they were saying.

  4. (Great to hear from you again, Paul. Thanks so much for popping by.)

    I recognise that I'm probably in a minority in not thinking so highly of this film as some do, but there you are! Similarly, I thought as I wrote the above blog that some would find Chris New as the more attractive of the two, but I'm not going to argue with that either. Personal tastes etc.
    I don't recall having trouble with understanding their dialogue, but I actually found the accents quite slight - or at least they didn't get in the way for me. All a question of familiarity, I suppose.
    I must just register my slight concern that there was a significant amount of drug-smoking (and some coke snorting) going on. I don't want to get censorious about it - they were acting, after all. But I suppose at the back of my mind is a fantasy about kissing Tom C. on the lips (to start with!) and detecting that he'd been smoking something or the other, which would have rather put me off. But that really is stretching my dreams out into La-la Land!.

  5. Greg and I saw this at the Dayton LGBT Film Festival a few months ago and loved it. I'm glad you loved it too.

  6. indeed, what a handsome fellow.

  7. Cubby, you must have mis-read my blog here. I did NOT care for the film. It was only the delectable Mr Cullen I fell for. But pleased that it was shown so far away as you are.

  8. Dr Spo - You sharing my opinion about beautiful Tom means a lot, and gives my own feelings a 'validation'.

  9. Good film from my perspective, and yes, he is a hottie! :)

    1. Wow, Kyle! I don't often get the chance of travelling this far back in time to read what I'd written so long ago that I'd forgotten. But I had seen, by title alone, that this post is one of the all-time most viewed of my blogs, so it seems that Mr Cullen has many more fans than just you and me.
      I can remember very little about the film now so would gladly watch it again, and not just for the obvious reason. Maybe next time I'll concentrate more on the content than the main actor, but I somehow doubt it.

      Thanks for being interested enough to come all this way back for something I said - when I was a fair bit younger!