Friday 7 January 2011

My dynamic duo (again)

How rude!

Making his mind up.

Blackso and Noodles, usually so cagey towards each other (a sort of grudging tolerance) are rarely seen in such close proximity. But when it's feeding time such niceties come second.


  1. That last picture is fanTAStic!!!!!!

  2. Noodles reminds me of my parent's cat Nike - 18 and a half and counting.

  3. Thanks, Sean. Yes it's a lucky 'caught in the moment' pic.
    Andrew, thanks to you too. Noodles is about 8 and Blackso at least 11. I dread the time when, for whatever reason, they 'leave' me. Meantime, I never cease to appreciate their presences. In fact my own life completely turns around them, the lucky little furries.

  4. Your first post for 2011 is a winner. What better way to begin the new year than photos of the dynamic duo who enrich your life on a daily basis. All photos are adorable, but the last picture is outstanding. You were there at the right moment in time. I so understand your fear of the future. I lost my lttle boy two years ago, and frankly, I still haven't gotten over it. Doubt if I ever will. So just enjoy every wonderful moment that is given to you.

  5. You know what to do, don't you? Seek out an ideal kitten before they get too old and crotchety to play.

    I've done this with dogs in the past and in my small sample those older dogs have been just fine when a puppy is introduced and do stuff like 'house training' for you!

    It certainly saves there being such an emotional wrench!

  6. Ta, Paul. I do try to stop the future cloud, which one knows with certainty is going to come, from hanging over my entire life, though it's always there as unwanted 'background music'. I can only too well understand how devastating it must have been when you lost your own precious little friend. My present two are extra-special for having chosen ME to live with, each running away from its separate home, both houses on my same road. Painful as it was, I did try to return them several times (both their owners knew they were with me) but they were determined so we surrendered. In that at least I'm flattered.

    Micky, at my age taking on a new pet has the additional worry about what will happen to them if they survive ME, something which is clearly on the cards. I think when these two are gone I don't want the concern of taking on another, though I'd dearly love to have a pet's companionship for the rest of my days. I think the most sensible compromise would be to get to know another animal lover who also has pets, the enjoyment of whose presences I can share.

  7. That was a treat.:) Ray, in the last picture they look like bookends. Both look so happy together; you would never know they rarely let each other that close.