Saturday 25 December 2010

Best Wishes to ALL my blog visitors

To every single one of my dear computer-friends who make me feel so honoured by your visiting my blog, if I haven't wished you individually (and even if I have) I earnestly hope for your happiness and contentment this Xmas season, both for you and for those especially dear to you - and I wish for you a 2011 which surpasses every previous year. Bless you all, my lovely friends - you're all so beautiful, both inside and out.

Now, on this frosty Christmas morn I'm about to imbibe a glass or three of mulled wine with a couple of mince pies while listening, with my dear pussycats, to an old favourite recording of 'Messiah'.

And later, this year's Xmas dinner is going to be:-
Vegetable samosas with baked potato slices and sprouts, with more than a dash of Indian lime pickle to give it that extra 'oomph'. Mmmmmm. I'm salivating already!


  1. I want to wish you and your pussies a very warm and happy Christmas.

    What's Indian lime pickle?

  2. Many thanks, Cubby. I've whispered your good wishes into two pointy furry ears. And I wish no less to you and yours.
    Indian lime pickle? Reading from the jar label, it does actually say "Lime and Chili Chutney" (and boy, is it hot!") But what's in a word or two? Otherwise it's exactly what it says it is. (Mango pickle is another delight to the tongue.)
    Indian cuisine is Britain's biggest import of overseas eating, since about the 70s outdoing in popularity even British home-produced meals. Maybe in America it's Italian and Mexican food which are the tops? (I do particularly like Mexican veggie food, but Mexican restaurants are a rarity here.)
    Enjoy the rest of the holiday, Cubby.

  3. And to you... hope you had a good day!

  4. Thanks so much, Andrew. Yes, yesterday was okay but, being alone, I don't make a great big deal out of Xmas. Hope yours went fine - and that the rest of your hols go fine. 'See' you on the blogs later.

  5. Shopping is completed, travel to holiday destination is completed, travel back to home is completed. Today is a snowy, bitter cold day and it is just wonderful to be indoors with a fresh pot of coffee, new books and dvds. I'm feeling mellow and content now and I wish you these feeling through out the end of this year and for the entire new year. Also, a very good time to thank you for sharing your thoughts throughout the year. PS. My 2 boys and my little girl send hugs to your two precious companions.

  6. Thanks, Paul. Your kind message is very much appreciated and I'm now feeling a warm glow inside - which, on this occasion, isn't the wine! I wish you in return only the best for 2011, and then some. Your comments on my blogs are always looked forward to and I don't cease to feel flattered that you read them. My two companions also thank you and return best wishes both to you and to your closest. Have a wonderful New Year time. Cheers.

  7. Ray, hope your holiday was grand. The vegetable samosas with baked potato slices and sprouts, sound awesome. Lime and Chili Chutney is delicious. One of my favorites.

    Wishing you a very happy new year from NH!

  8. Very grateful as ever for your visit and your wishes, Kyle. Have a wonderful start to the New Year during which I look forward to continuing following your blogs which I value so much.
    Btw, the Xmas dinner went down a treat, but I wasn't expecting the chutney to have been quite as hot as it turned out to be. Have to be more careful next time.