Sunday 19 September 2010

My faithful and very dear friend, Blackso

Now what must be at least 11 years old and just showing signs of starting to slow down, Blackso is always appreciative, never takes me for granted, allows me to pick him up and cuddle him, rubs against me even when he's not wanting to eat, will sit for long periods on my lap purring contentedly or napping (and sometimes snoring). On the other hand, my other cat, Noodles, will do or let me do none of these things, only taking an interest in me when he wants something - but is just as fascinating nonetheless. But Blackso, with his overt affection, is a cat-lovers' dream - and I dread thinking of the day that's going to come when it's all over, for whatever reason. So I return the favour by showing my appreciation for him every single day while I can.


  1. Mutual appreciation? That's nice and probably a reason we keep cats (or dogs, in our case of course) because of how good them (can) make us feel.

    But I guess cats may be more independent and appear aloof more than dogs do. Can't say I like a dog who's aloof but I sort of expect it from some cats.

  2. Ever thought of starting a blog list?

    Just a thought.

  3. Yes, Mickey. It's part of the 'package' when you have a cat that it will have a mind of its own. For me that's part of the fascination. But I dearly love dogs too, though I've never owned one. Unlike cats, they wear their emotions on the outside, which I think that as pack animals they have to broadcast how they feel.
    I just love to see happy dogs - and few things depress me as much as seeing a dog walking along, but cowering, with its owner, head and tail down, jaws closed. It makes me want to beg the person if I could take over their dog to keep - and I know I would treat it well.
    Blog list? Now that you mention it I'm now not sure that I know what that is. I'd assumed it was just a list of those other bloggers one is following. You've now made me curious. Must investigate.

  4. Thanks for drawing the absence of a blog list to my attention, Mickey. As you see, it's now corrected. Ta!

  5. You are lucky to have him and he is lucky to have you. Ray, I'm flattered and honored to be on your bloglist.:)

  6. Thanks, Kyle, but no! My honour at having you on my list is bigger than yours having me. - Huge ;-)