Wednesday 6 January 2010

Snow Blues

Been snowing all night and still doing so - parts of the country experiencing their most severe Winter for around 30 years with even daytime temps here on the south coast below freezing - and no sign to the end of it with Winter barely out of its infancy. Boo hoo! Loathe this weather. Cursing myself for having chucked out a few years ago a set of chains to wear on one's shoes, because when walking they were 'too noisy'. Now when the snow turns to ice and I go arse-over-tit and suffer an incapacitating injury, life will be a horror story with absolutely no one here or within reach to assist me. Why did I have to buy in advance last week a ticket to go out tomorrow to see the film 'Nine' when it could have waited?
But on more upbeat note, cinema-going has started out well this year - 'Sherlock Holmes' was more than a little enjoyable, despite all the tricksy camera-work and cut-and-slash editing. Even better was 'Nowhere Boy', based on John Lennon's pre-Beatles youth years. What a mixed-up (though maybe understandably) terror and unlikeable bully he was! But as a film, the latter could well end up in my top ten best of 2010.


  1. I, too, loathe this weather. If I could I'd stay in the house in front of the fireplace with a few good books, my dvd of "Wicked" and the cats on my lap. But since we must venture out, I want to recommend the film "A Single Man" to your cinema-going adventures. So beautifully filmed and then the pleasant surprise of seeing Nicholas Hoult from Hugh Grant's "About A Boy" all grown up. What a change a few years have made. Hope you see it and share your thoughts.

  2. Hi Paul. 'A Single Man' is most certainly a must-see for me - it comes here in a couple of weeks. I've only seen unanimously positive reviews - with Colin Firth deserving of at least some awards. 'Wicked' on DVD? Now there's an idea. Though I can play DVDs on this computer it's not very comfy for a prolonged period. Wonder if it's available on old-style video. As for Nicholas Hoult, I'm glad he's grown up. One of the biggest turn-offs in film for me is to see a precocious 'brat' wise beyond his/her years, teaching adults how to live their lives. Oh, please! Still, not HIS fault. Cheers, pal. (+ cuddles to your pussies.)

  3. I have a friend in London who told me yesterday of the impending snow. Yikes. I hope you all survive.

    Chains for your shoes? I have honestly never heard of such a thing. Sounds like a good idea anyway.

    I read somebody's review on some blog somewhere that the new Sherlock Holmes movie will surely be voted the worst film of the decade. That's a strong statement for a decade that is 6 days old. I was surprised that you enjoyed it. However, the presence of Jude Law on the screen is enough to give me wood, so maybe I would enjoy it also :-)

  4. Yes, this snow/ice is more than a pain in the rump - and there's not yet even the slightest hint that it'll end soon. Even though it is, of course, the depths of Winter, temps are way below the average we can normally expect at this time of year. My little furry friends are at least as sick of it as I am.
    I won't expend much energy in defending 'S. Holmes' other than to say I find it a good romp. I know that keen aficianados of the original literature will be affronted - there's hardly a trace of the spirit of Conan Doyle, but hell, it's cinema! And I do always find not only Mr Law eminently watchable like you, but R.D.Jnr too - so both for the price of one can't be bad. As for the worst film of not just the year but of the DECADE? My my! That blogger must surely see some magnificent films that I'm somehow missing. Even granting a bit of hyperbole, I'd still like to see his list of 'great' films.

  5. Raybeard sorry the snow and cold are getting you down. I don't mind either, but the lack of sunlight starts to get to me about this time.

    Stan and I are looking forward to seeing Sherlock Holmes when it comes out on DVD. We both like Robert Downey, Jr. and Jude Law. We figured the film would be choppy and would have quick jumps, so I don't think that will do much to sully our viewing.

    Stay warm, stay upright in the snow and on the ice, and enjoy your film viewing when you go out!

  6. Thanks Kyle. I would certainly not warn anyone off from seeing 'Sherlock' - quite the reverse in fact. It would be surprising if you aren't caught up in the energy of the thing. Let us know what you thought in your own blogs.
    Yes, this weather is the pits, though must admit I'm afraid of slipping over and breaking something more than anything else - the short periods of light doesn't bother me so much - of course it all depends where one lives. Meanwhile I chanced a very slow and careful excursion yesterday to stock up on bread and long-life milk, so should be okay for at least a week and a half now - and got my cinema ticket for 'Nine' yesterday transferred to nest week hoping things might have eased a bit. Cheers, pal.