Wednesday 24 June 2009

Not a good sign.

Oh dear! Just heard that my new downstairs neighbour is to be a single (former) Czech young lady with a 2 year-old child, due to move in in a couple of weeks. Why the "Oh dear"? Apparently she's been very nosey about the financial circumstances of the family moving out - things that are none of her business. It sounds like (although I may be proved quite wrong, I hope) the type of person to complain about my having the two cats when I'm not allowed to have any pets at all - though the flat-owner was aware I had at least one and said he'd "turn a blind eye to it" - but having two!!!! That could make him tell me to get rid of them. If that were to happen I don't know what I would do. They are my best friends in the world - and my only friends 'present and in the flesh'. Hoping and praying that I'm only thinking the worst and that it doesn't work out as bad as I fear.


  1. I was hoping for better news than this. However, you may be worrying for nothing. I remember when I lived in an apartment and the landlord allowed one cat. Well, I had three. It was a worry and a huge concern But, I stayed until the end of my lease and then bought a house, which I am aware is imposible for you. But, I am sending positive thoughts to you and hope that you will post more often to keep us advised of your situation. Also, love your cat's name, "Noodles." Has to be one of the cutest names - brings a smile.

  2. Very many thanks, Paul, for your supportive thoughts. It really means a lot to me. It's only a few hours since I heard the news but I'm already worrying myself sick thinking of the worst that can happen - viz. that she or her child is allergic to cats and/or that she's going to report me to the landlord. I know that the worst that can happen rarely does occur but I just dread the possibility. By the way, 'Noodles' was the name I thought was better than the name of 'Smartie' that she came with. Like my other cat, Blackso, she decided to come to me after running away from her first home down the road. Maybe she was pestered too much by the two young girls there. Both Blackso's and Noodles' respective owners knew that the cats preferred to live with me and accepted it with no difficulty. In both cases I didn't have the heart to give them away to some animal rescue organisation. And now they've become my uniquely best friends, loving them both to bits. So you might be able to imagine my fears. Yes, I only wish I could afford to move - I've even conveniently re-discovered my 'faith' in praying to the powers that be to allow things to work out satisfactorily. (If you do, 'God - or whatever', I'll owe you one!) Cheers, Paul. I'll blog the next developments.