Friday, 5 June 2009

Apprehension again.

My regular concern comes round once more. Just heard this morning that my neighbours in the flat (apartment) below me are moving out in one month's time, just one year since they arrived. The previous tenant had been there for only 10 months and those prior to her lasted 18 months. The story is the usual one - the flat (on the ground floor) is just too cold - as well as being too small for a couple with a young baby. So my main worry is - what will the incoming tenant(s) think about my having two cats when I'm not really allowed to have any pets at all? All the previous neighbours have been cat-lovers or, at least, not cat-fur allergic, but I've been really lucky. Will the same luck hold out? If I had to part with my treasured twosome....... well, let's not go there. The thought is too upsetting to contemplate. Landlord is bringing someone round this afternoon to look at the to-be-vacated flat. Have to make sure there aren't any green eyes looking out the windows when he arrives. Meantime started biting my nails.


  1. Hope all goes well for you and your babies. I went through the same torture, always worrying. It finally dawned on me that what I was paying in rent, I could afford a house. Now, we live worry free. Also, when you go on vacation, have you considered a pet sitter? I hire the same person always. She comes twice a day. In the am she does the necessities: change litter, fresh water, fresh food. In the pm she checks to see that all 3 are ok and then refreshes their food. Costs the same as boarding, but I am happy that they are not in a cage. Hope you get a good neighbor.

  2. Thanks for those thoughtful comments, Paul. As at now four couples have been considered for the flat below but none have been deemed suitable. Strange how pets can come to totally dominate one's daily routine and thoughts - if one REALLY loves them, that is. Cheers, pal.