Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Here goes!

Well, how to start? Sitting here in my flat in English south coast, 8.30 a.m., my two cats napping behind me. No plans for today - Been retired for 2 years now (was an accountant). Think might go to local cinema for afternoon showing of 'Benjamin Button' but wary of unruly kids being there, it being school half-term hols, but don't think it's the kind of film most kids would go to see to spend three hours of their fidgety lives watching so I'll probably chance it. (I do so hate trying to watch a film when there are badly behaved kids in the audience.)
Relieved that wintry weather seems to be over - for good this year, I fervently hope. Now leaving window open during night for cats to go and come as they please. Only regret that I can't yet resume morning running as my right Achilles tendon has been sore every morning for some mysterious reason for some months now. Running would certainly have helped in my current effort to get my waist down to 34" again - it looked positively grotesque in the mirror just a month ago - a bulbous overhang. Now reducing my food intake again with plenty of water, and it show signs of beginning to work. When the warm weather comes I so do not want to go out in T-shirt and shorts carrying a barrel-belly in front of me. If I revolt against seeing other men like that, they'd feel the same about me - and even at my relatively advanced age I don't want to eschew the chance of attracting appreciative looks - and maybe even something more. (Chance would be a fine thing!)

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  1. Wishing you success in your effrots.

    In battle-of-the(bad)-bulge Solidarity,

    Sean (aka Idle Eyes and a Dormy)