Thursday 14 October 2010

Coming around again!

For me, tomorrow is the day that Macca sang about on 'Sgt Pepper' - but instead of 'Vera, Chuck & Dave' on my knee it'll be Blackso, with Noodles looking on - whether out of envy (but he'd be welcome too, if he'd only stay) or bemusement, it's difficult to judge.

Not doing anything special - but can't ever remember one single b/day I've ever had when I did.

Dinner will be my absolute favourite in the entire gastronomical history of the world - eggs, chips and beans (chips = French fries):-

Eggs - let's have four (five would be gluttony!), fried in veg oil, turned over for about 30 secs
Chips - in a heap. Maris Piper potatoes, chunky, and fried till they are deep brown and crisp
(Baked) Beans - in a separate bowl (so as not to cross-spoil). 'Heinz' from a tin, most of the sauce drained off and a large pinch of curry powder added.
- and perhaps a cheap and cheerful Shiraz might help ease the entire meal's path down my gullet.

Now, I defy anyone to suggest a dish more sublime than that. Simply unbeatable! The perfect celebratory repast.


  1. Happy Birthday (early). I'll send you a special birthday greeting tomorrow :-)
    Can we play "Guess Your Age"?
    BTW, thanks for defining chips. I first imagined a pile of American potato chips on a plate. LOL

  2. Thanks very much, Larry - but are you saying that you still don't know my age? The 'clue' is in the Beatles' song - well not a clue really as it's directly stated in the song's title. Or am I unfairly assuming that any one with taste (as you undoubtedly are) admires the Beatles as much as I did and do?
    If you do send me greetings tomorrow they'll be much appreciated. I get few enough cards as it is. (Poor me. Sob sob!)
    Yes, one has to be aware of differences in meaning between words as spoken in our respective countries. It's a very long list - flat, petrol, lift, braces.....and please let's not even mention 'fanny'!

  3. Happy B-day Ray! I like the combination you choose; I've had it myself(though not four eggs, just two). When I splurge for festivities the combos tend to be odd. Maybe that is a vegetarian thing?

  4. May I venture to suggest this instead?:

  5. Many thanks indeed, Kyle. Your wishes really do mean a great deal to me.
    Glad you approve of my meal-choice - which would also be what I'd choose as my final tuck-in on the day of my, erm, execution - though let's hope life never quite comes to that.

  6. Andrew, having been veggie for half a century I'm probably not the best person to appreciate your fantasy menu - though the warm figs do sound very tempting. But how disappointing it is that you had no follow-up comments. If I'd been aware of your blog back then it certainly wouldn't have gone unremarked.
    Although not in the least interested in the activity of cooking (I'd rather be reading a good book than labouring for more than, say, 20 minutes in the kitchen) I do love its language, so rich in vocabulary, employing colourful phrases which convey the enthusiasm of those who take it seriously and find the taste of a fine meal so stimulating.

  7. Happy Birthday (today)!!!

    Don't worry Ray, I know precisely how old you are. You're one of the early baby-boomers. I'm curious... was your father a soldier who came home from war and you were born exactly 9 months later?

    I also wonder if while growing up your school teachers were constantly mentioning how big your class was compared to previous years, and you got tired of hearing about it?

  8. Thanks once again (this time via Blogland), Larry. Your lovely card has been answered in kind - which I hope you've now received.
    Ah, my Dad! I'm never sure where I've told this and where I haven't, but I may not have said so on my blog. I was actually born in India, where my father worked on the railways and my mum was a teacher. I've told you about the Portuguese connection, which we assume comes via Goa. Most of the precise details of my father's ancestry are lost in history as he lost both his parents when very young. Now, before you say anything, others have told me that I look a bit 'Indian' but, as far as we know, there's no Indian blood there (it wouldn't matter, of course, if there were), but in that country, my family being European, we had a retinue of 'native' servants who I'm told, on Indian independence in 1949, became rebellious and rude to my parents, as so many did to all non-natives, and this was largely the reason my parents returned to Europe. Life became just too fraught with hostility, but understandable in a way. So there you are - my family history in a potted version!
    School class size? Quite! But that'll have to wait till another time.

  9. Correction: Indian independence - 1947. We came to England in '49.

  10. Ray, Just got my new computer up and running in time to wish you a very, very Happy Birthday!Hope you, Noodles and Blackso enjoyed a very special time together. Your celebratory dinner intrigues me and I think I'll duplicate it (except for the Maris Piper potatoes,which I've never come across here)when I watch one of my favorite shows on the BBC, "Come Dine With Me,"(it's addictive) this Sunday. I was delighted that you were able to enjoy a holiday with your family. I'm sure you returned home all refreshed and Blackso and Noodles welcomed you back you with meows of joy.

  11. Paul, your thoughts are much appreciated. - even if I didn't read them until this morning. But thanks very much indeed - and good to know that you're back after that prolonged absence.
    I'm afraid I did rather pig-out too much on my special birthday meal (all that oil!). Even this morning I still feel a rather unsettling effect down below - but I'll just take it easy a bit today and it should have gone before too long. Even at my advanced age one has to learn from mistakes, but it was an error of volume rather than content.
    I don't watch 'Come Dine With Me' though it is very popular here. If I can mention growing old once again, I'm getting increasing sensitivity about seeing meat (and fish) being used. Wish I didn't, but my former Buddhist training and awareness is coming to the surface again. However, I really have to cultivate the ability to detach oneself from one's feelings. But I certainly don't demand that my friends are veggie too - everyone makes his own decision, which is none of my business. Having said that, I do get pleasure from reading about food preparation. The vocabulary employed is so varied, rich and playful in range and metaphor.
    My annual visit to the north is always a frenetic time - so many people to visit in so short a space. Not really relaxing - done more out of familial duty than anything. Still, good to see my surviving family members before they (and me) 'drop off the chart' one by one.
    Yes, both Blackso and Noodles were rubbing my fingers like mad through the caged doors of their carry-boxes when I collected them from the kennels. But once they were home again, after a welcoming meal they were out prowling again, and life for them was back to normal i.e. ignoring me until they want something again. Typical! (But fascinating)