Sunday 15 November 2009


Am I unusual in feeling giddy almost to the point of nausea when looking at this photo? (Yes, I know it's a well known pic. - 'Rockerfeller Center 1932') I think I read somewhere that there was actually a platform below the men just out of camera-shot, though still far enough under them to cause injury if anyone fell. But my imagination doesn't allow me to look at this photo for any length of time, feeling a disturbingly unnerving tingling in the soles of my feet as well as between balls and spine-base (why?). I keep having the curiously inappropriate thought "What if one of the men's shoes fell off?" when knowing full well that laced shoes hardly ever do so. I get a similar feeling of dizziness, though not quite so acute, while looking up at a very tall structure from ground level. Very strange


  1. Yikes! Heights give me a queasy feeling sometimes too. I have no trouble at all standing on the edge of a cliff, but would rather die before I walked out on a girder like that.

    I also could never jump out of an airplane. My biggest fear about skydiving is that the jump would make me so nauseous that I would vomit and then choke on it and then die even as my parachute deployed perfectly. My corpse would then land quite safely on the ground below. That would be my luck entirely!

    Sometimes our fears are so irrational! Very strange, as you say.

  2. Wow, Larry, your imagination carries you to places even I haven't visited! I think we should try to get over this shared fear by both of us bungee-jumping strapped together in piggy-back style. Just imagine all that bouncing up and down. Now would you prefer to be front or back? ;-)

  3. Oh my, what a leading question!