Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Self-photos - A futile vanity project?

I don't think I'm alone in thinking that if you want to find out what you really look like, don't look in your own mirror. Look at a very current photo or look in somebody else's mirror. My own regular daily mirror images are somehow loaded with flattery, and I don't know why. Maybe it's to do with remembering how one once used to look and the eye is unwilling to relinquish the memory of what once was - a denial of reality, in effect. It's always quite a shock when I'm brought face-to-face (literally) with how things really are.
This morning it was only on the seventh attempt (above) that I got anything like a picture which is close to being acceptable to myself. Some of the tries looked like the photo of a corpse! Goodness knows what others think when they see me outside. But I suppose it won't be long before I'm wishing I could have even today's looks. (Moan, moan, moan.......)


  1. Oh, you look fine! (Although, those eyebrows could use a trimming!) ;)

  2. Thanks for that, Tiger - though I was never good at accepting compliments. However, as it comes from YOU........ ;-)
    Btw Please don't step on my eyebrows. They've always been my pride and joy, and there's not much else I have which I can boast about. Another ;-)

  3. How about another pic in which you're smiling because I'm sorry, I have to admit that your eyes scare me pretty much.

  4. I love the champion eyebrows!

    And they're still their original colour - unlike mine (which although fair have a number of white hairs!)

  5. A corpse?! What the hell?!!!
    I agree with Tiger. You look fine.
    Here's my trick for looking at myself in the mirror -- I only do it with the lights off.

  6. Tai - I'll see what I can do re smiling. I don't mean to frighten anyone because I really am as harmless as a kitten. At least that's what I'd like people to think!

    Andrew - Maybe your own hair-colour changes are the reverse of mine. My lower facial hemisphere got quickly grizzled while the top half of my bonce retains its original colour, well the hair that I've still got there, anyway. I keep talking with my barber about the oddities of men's differing hair changes. (You can see how short on conversation we are!)

    Cubby - If I hadn't deleted the corpse-like pics I could have posted them to show you what I mean. But next time I get one maybe I'll do just that, but I warn you it's not a pretty sight.
    Yes, it's odd how looking into a mirror other than one's own really brings home the truth, at least I imagine it's everyone else's experience too. I feel equally startled when glimpsing myself accidentally in one of those mirrored pillars in a department store, or in the toilet of a cinema or restaurant. Then when I get back home I look again and think "Well, maybe it's not SO bad after all!" Then go out again and find that it really IS. Very odd.

  7. Ray, I think it is okay to be sensitive about how you look. Just don't worry over it. You look just fine. We all get older and have to deal with the inevitable changes that happen to our bodies. It's hard to deal with all around.

  8. Thanks, Kyle. I suppose it's all part of wanting the approval of others. I know it's the right thing to do to ignore what the rest of the world thinks as long as you're comfortable in yourself, but for a lot of us (the majority, I suspect) it requires some external validation as well. All part of the 'human condition' I suppose.